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Democrat Tyler Axness Still Doesn't Know What The Public Service Commission Does

Democrat Tyler Axness Still Doesn't Know What The Public Service Commission Does

Fargo state Senator Tyler Axness is running for the Public Service Commission, but he’s prone to making comments about the office he’s running for which sort of suggest that he really doesn’t know what the office does. Axness really, really wants the Casselton train derailment to be an issue in the PSC race, and to

From The Left: The Public Service Commission Matters

This November North Dakota voters will have a chance to vote for two spots on the Public Service Commission. The Public Service Commission (PSC) may appear to many voters to be one of the down ballot positions that many electors may view as unimportant. However, as North Dakota continues to grow it is time to

ND Dems Second Public Service Commission Candidate: Todd Reisenauer

A couple of weeks ago state Senator Tyler Axness announced that he was running for the Public Service Commission against Julie Fedorchak who is on the ballot to have her appointment to that position by Governor Jack Dalrymple confirmed by the voters. Whoever wins that seat will have to run again in 2016 when the

I'm Not Sure Tyler Axness Actually Knows What The Public Service Commission Does

Yesterday we got news that, about a month away from their state convention, Democrats got just their second statewide candidate. State Senator Tyler Axness, who is in his first term representing the newly-created District 16 in Fargo, is announcing a campaign for the Public Service Commission today. I’m told that Axness will be challenging Julie

State Senator Tyler Axness Becomes Just Second 2014 Candidate For Democrats

Over the weekend I wrote about the miserable time Democrats are having finding candidates to run for the legislature. So far the Democrats have held local conventions in ten districts. In nine of those districts, representing 27 seats in the legislature, they’re facing Republican incumbents and have so far found just four candidates to run.

In North Dakota, 68% Of Phone Lines Are Cell Phones

I knew the trend toward cell phones, and away from land lines, has been taking place for years now. But I had no idea that things had become this lopsided in North Dakota. According to numbers from the Public Service Commission, over 68% of phone lines in North Dakota are cell phones: The PSC says

Feds Smack Down Democrats, Environmentalists On Claims Of PSC Bribery

Conveniently timed for the last election cycle, two environmentalist groups (the taxpayer-funded Dakota Resource Council and the Sierra Club) filed a lawsuit against Public Service Commissioner Brian Kalk and Commissioner-turned-Congressman Kevin Cramer for accepting political contributions from individuals who work in the coal industry, as well as PAC’s which represent the industry. According to them,

Shocker: Renewal Of Wind Subsidies Sparks Plans For 41% Expansion In North Dakota

Not so long ago it seemed Big Wind was on the verge of collapse what with the federal subsidies the industry relies on about to be pulled. But then those subsidies were renewed, and now there are plans for a 41% expansion of wind power capacity in North Dakota: The extension of a key federal