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Podcast: The State of the Media in Trump’s “Fake News” Era

Podcast: The State of the Media in Trump’s “Fake News” Era

  Grand Forks Herald publisher Korrie Wenzel joined me today to talk about the movie The Post (you should see it if you haven’t) and the status of the news media in President Donald Trump’s “fake news” era. I also talked about this post about a Republican lawmaker from New Town, North Dakota, who is currently

An Open Letter to Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak

Dear Julie, I think you’re a great public servant. I’m glad you’re on the Public Service Commission. It pleased me when it was reported that you might be interested in seeking a seat in Congress at some point, including possibly challenging Senator Heidi Heitkamp this cycle. But we need to talk. Here in North Dakota

Democrat Announces Campaign for North Dakota’s Public Service Commission

A Democrat from central North Dakota has announced – way, way early – that he’s seeking a seat on the Public Service Commission. Casey Buchmann is from Washburn. He ran for the state House in 2016 in District 8 and earned just over 12 percent of the vote, coming in third among four candidates. He says

Legislation Seeks to Crack Down on Government Competing With the Private Sector

Should the government be in competition with the private sector? I think the immediate answer most would have to that question would be “no,” but it happens a lot. The government often provides services, both for itself and the public, which are also provided by the private sector. Finding the appropriate level of taxpayer-funded services

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Thomas Skadeland: The North Dakota Public Service Commission Is Inherently Inefficient and Unethical

The Public Service Commission claims the ability and authority to manipulate market processes according to its idea of a planned economic order; I oppose this claim. The P.S.C. dictates which businesses may enter certain fields, how property owners may use their land, how unowned land will be used, and how individuals may establish contracts. Unless

Thomas Skadeland: Abolish The Public Service Commission

It is my belief that all areas of oversight and regulation administered by the North Dakota Public Service Commission can and should be forfeited to pure free market processes and managed by private sector participants. I believe the free market, when allowed to function without artificial interference, is able to coordinate and allocate all goods

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Betting On North Dakota: $2.1 Billion In Energy Projects Approved In 2015

Oil prices are low, and that’s having a big impact on North Dakota’s economy. Just yesterday the state got yet another revised revenue forecast for the 2015-2017 biennium, this one lowering general fund revenue expectations by $1.074 billion (not to mention over $967 million less for tribal/local governments and the state’s various funds). It prompted

A $3.78 Billion Bet On The Future Of The North Dakota Oil Fields Was Just Approved

With oil prices in the tank, and a rocky trail ahead for North Dakota’s economy as a result, there came today from the Public Service Commission a glimmer of hope. The Dakota Access Pipeline, which could take as much as 600,000 barrels of North Dakota oil per day out of the state, was just approved

Kathleen Wrigley: What You Need To Know About Julie Fedorchak

…”Life’s a Great Balancing Act.” – Dr. Seuss I was asked to write a story as a guest columnist, for a local women’s magazine, about Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak. The theme of that particular issue was “Be Smart.” It was an easy segue for me to introduce Julie…because, well, she is smart. So I