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House Votes Down Bill Which Would Have Made Lawmaker Record Requests Public

House Votes Down Bill Which Would Have Made Lawmaker Record Requests Public

Over the last several years the North Dakota University System been plagued with scandal and controversy, a lot of it owing to things revealed by way of records requests with some of those requests originating with lawmakers. In response to that problem the university system – through their employee, bill sponsor Senator Tim Flakoll of

Lawmakers Make Massive Records Requests Because The Universities Can't Be Trusted

In order to make their case for SB2222, which would end anonymous requests for open records by lawmakers, the North Dakota University System has taken to leaking information about some really, really large requests of that variety. The idea is to paint the requests as unreasonable, and the lawmakers as vindictive. The university system pulled this stunt

Rod St. Aubyn: Deck Seems Stacked Against The Public When It Comes To Transparency

ou may have noticed an article in Sunday’s Fargo Forum about North Dakota’s open records/open meetings laws. I am becoming more and more knowledgeable about the issue after two recent open records requests for a lobbying client of mine. As I dig more into it, I have become even more concerned about our current system.

Senate Democrats Trying To Resurrect Student Privacy Issue

Earlier this week a Democrat bill to exempt student directory information from open records laws (inspired by some partisan grandstanding during the election) was soundly defeated. Democrats claim that the use of student information obtained by a Republican-aligned marketing firm through an open records request was some assault on the privacy of students, despite no evidence

Bill To Limit Lawmaker Record Requests Gets Watered Down With Amendment

Originally SB2222, introduced by Senator Tim Flakoll (R-Fargo), would have done two things: Make all legislator requests for records a public record in their own right. Limit legislators to no more than $5,000 worth of requests per biennium unless Legislative Management approves said requests. Requests over that dollar limit not approved by Legislative Management would

Bill Providing Open Records Penalties Defeated, Lawmaker Says "We Are Watching"

HB1435 was introduced by Rep. Rand Boehning (R-Fargo) and would have allowed for a civil penalty against violators of the state’s open records and open meetings laws. “The reason I put this bill forward is higher education,” Boehning said during his floor speech in favor of the bill. He noted that there the North Dakota

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Why Is Fargo Forum Obsessing Over Common Core Request That Never Happened?

Last month Fargo Forum publisher Matt Von Pinnon wrote a column that was little more than a litany of all the open records requests his newspaper has filed. The headline of the column was, “Forum continues to take watchdog role seriously.” Numerous people emailed me links to the column asking the same basic question: Are these


Bill Would Allow Attorney General To Fine Repeat Open Records Violators

North Dakota has a problem with repeat violators of the state’s open records and meetings statutes. For instance, the North Dakota University System has violated open records/meetings laws no fewer than 18 times since 2010. The violations are repeated and flagrant. In discussing the matter with Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem recently, he told me that