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Protesters organized by the Democratic Socialists of America protest the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. (Gabriella Angotti-Jones/Copyright 2018 The New York Times)

Rise in Praise for Socialism (Including From North Dakota Democrats) Should Alarm Us All

Rise in Praise for Socialism (Including From North Dakota Democrats) Should Alarm Us All

For some reason there have been a spate of pro-socialism letters to the editor in the Red River Valley of late. A letter to the editor of the Fargo Forum this week derided President Donald Trump’s stand against socialism during his State of the Union speech by making the rather bizarre claim that “socialism and

Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier Tom Stromme / Bismarck Tribune

Don’t Call Them a “Sheriff’s Department” Any More

Yesterday I got a press release from the Morton County Sheriff’s Office indicating that they’d like to be called an office now. Not a department. “I know the terms have been used interchangeably in the past, so I wanted to make you aware in order for you to make the appropriate reference to the office

McLean County states attorney Ladd Erickson testified in opposition to HB 1287 in front of the House Judiciary committee on Wednesday morning. The bill deals with civil asset forfeiture reform. Tom Stromme / Bismarck Tribune

How Is ‘Hey Cops Don’t Take Our Stuff Without a Conviction’ a Controversial Proposal?

According to this article from Bismarck Tribune reporter Jack Dura, law makers and law enforcement are looking for compromise on Rep. Rick Becker’s (R-Bismarck) HB1286. That legislation would reform civil asset forfeiture laws, putting in place new reporting requirements (we have no idea how much money law enforcement agencies across the state are making off

We Have to Hold the Groups Behind Valve Turners Criminally Responsible for Pipeline Tampering Before They End up Killing Someone

Yesterday a group of political extremists broke into an Enbridge pipeline facility in Minnesota and attempted to turn off two oil pipelines. Specifically the company’s Line 3 and Line 4 pipelines, which have a combined capacity of over half a million barrels of oil per day. The company is in the process of replacing the

Print Column: People Targeted by Gun-Grabbing ‘Red Flag’ Law Would Have to Pay for Their Own Defense

MINOT, N.D. – “You have the right to an attorney.” We’re all familiar with that phrase, a part of the famous Miranda warning that’s a staple of television and movies and, you know, actual police work. It’s formal recognition of the right to legal counsel from the Sixth Amendment. Thank goodness for it. Can you

Nick Nelson / Forum News Service

North Dakota’s Corporate Farming Ban Is So Dumb We Have to Pass a Law So You Can Farm With Your Second Cousin

Let’s say your great-grandfather immigrated to North Dakota and started a farm. It was a successful operation and, upon his death, he left it to your grandfather and his brother. The brothers kept the operation successful and left it to their sons, your father and his cousin. They, too, find success and they want to

People walk by a red carpet that was rolled out between Gov. Doug Burgum's office and the legislative chambers at the North Dakota state Capitol Monday, Dec. 31, 2018. John Hageman / Forum News Service

There Need to Be Consequences for State Agencies Trying to Kill Legislation With Politically Motivated Fiscal Notes

Whether the legislating is taking place in the Legislature in Bismarck, or at the ballot box during an election year, North Dakota has a process which is intended to inform us all as to the potential costs of a given proposal. That process is called the “fiscal note,” and it’s essentially the various state agencies

Print Column: The Problem With Journalism and Politics Is Us

MINOT, N.D. — Between the BuzzFeed catastrophe and the Covington Catholic High School mess, I’ve been thinking a lot about journalism these past few days. This is a topic I’m not fit to weigh on, according to some. Not so long ago columnist Jack Zaleski wrote that I shouldn’t refer to my reporter co-workers as colleagues, which is an

An oil well pumps at sunrset in western North Dakota's Bakken Formation. Forum News Service file photo

Over the Past Five Years North Dakota’s Oil Industry Has Paid 50 Percent of All Taxes Collected in the State

“During the Bakken development oil extraction and production taxes are more than 44% of all taxes collected by the state,” a study commissioned by the North Dakota Petroleum Council and the Western Dakota Energy Association states. “During the Bakken development oil extraction and production taxes are more than 44% of all taxes collected by the

Hailey Vold, a senior at Mayville State, walks to class recently past Old Main. photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald

North Dakota’s Constitution Must Be Amended So We Have the Flexibility to Face the Future of Higher Education

Like it or not, the way Americans access higher education has changed. It will continue to change. Old models of delivering that education need to change with it. Which is why lawmakers should pass HCR3016, introduced by Rep. Rick Becker (R-Bismarck), which would remove from the state constitution mandates for the names and locations of