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Anti-Smoking Activists Want To Ban E-Cig Flavors Because Think Of The Children

Anti-Smoking Activists Want To Ban E-Cig Flavors Because Think Of The Children

The full-on assault on e-cigarettes from people supposedly motivated by public health has been nothing short of remarkable. That vaping is a much more healthy alternative to smoking, likely to improve more lives than the untold billions of public dollars spent on anti-smoking campaigns, is apparently lost on these people. If it looks like smoking, than

Does Fast Food Make Kids Dumber?

“Eating fast food may lead to lower student test scores in math, science and reading, a recent study of U.S. school children said,” reports Reuters. A survey showed that fast-food consumption by 8,544 fifth-graders forecast lower academic achievement in eighth grade, according to the study published in Clinical Pediatrics. “These results provide initial evidence that


Vaping Seems To Be Replacing Smoking, Not Luring People To It

This coming session our lawmakers will be considering legislation which would continue to treat vaping, or “e-cigarettes,” as though it were just like actual smoking. Already the state included vaping in its ban on smoking, now lawmakers will consider whether or not to ban smoking to minors. As I’ve written previously, I don’t believe we

This Is Why The Kids Are Fat

Childhood obesity has become a “crisis,” the media tells us. In fact, it has become a First Lady Issue, with Michelle Obama behind a federal push to micromanage school lunches across the nation (because clearly, if there’s one thing we need a federal government for, it’s dictating what’s on school lunch trays). School bake sales

Tony Gehrig: Who Knows Best For Your Kids, You Or The Fargo City Commission?

As a candidate for Fargo Commissioner, I have made defining the role of local government a focal point in my campaign. It has been my contention that our Commissioners have lost sight of their role, and ventured off into areas they have no business in. Usually, the issues I stress are mainly cost related. However,

Wonks Propose Taxing Calories

It seems America has a love affair with social engineering through the tax code. From “sin taxes” on things like booze and tobacco to tax deductions for things like buying a hybrid vehicle or installing solar panels, the politicians like to pull financial strings to manipulate our behavior. The latest idea in that vein is

If We're Going To Respect Gay Rights, Can We Start Respecting All Rights?

This tweet sent out by the office of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is ironic given Mayor Bloomberg’s hositilty to the right of the people to buy large sodas and own guns: In the history of the United States, no law limiting the rights of a particular class of people has ever stood the test

Feds Want To Disable Your Phone While Driving To Prevent Distracted Driving

Despite the hype cell phone use while driving is given, traffic fatalities related to distracted driving due to a cell phone are less than 1% of overall US road fatalities. According to a 2012 report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving accounted for 9% of all traffic fatalities in the US in