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What Exactly Is Senator Al Franken Apologizing For?

What Exactly Is Senator Al Franken Apologizing For?

Senator Al Franken, fresh off more allegations that he groped the rear ends of women he took pictures with, is returning to work today. His fellow Democrats are trying to circle the wagons around him, giving him all sorts of credit for his supposed contrition. Case in point, Senator Dick Durbin, speaking on CNN this

Leave It to the Government to Lose Money Selling Booze

The booze industry is pretty resilient. At one point our nation literally had a constitutional amendment outlawing the sale of alcohol, but because demand for alcohol is relatively inelastic the result was a booming black market for criminal enterprises. In that context, consider that somehow government-run liquor stores in Minnesota have been losing money. John

Video: Anti-Oil Zealots Shut Down Public Hearing on Line Three Pipeline

The political extremists in the anti-oil movement have promised to make Enbridge’s Line 3 replacement project into the next #NoDAPL movement. Given that the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline were hugely violent, and saw millions of dollars worth of vandalism and economic damage perpetrated in the region, the folks of Minnesota should feel a sense

Audio: Berkeley Scholar Calls Wind Energy Subsidies “Completely Perverse”

Steven Hayward, a Senior Resident Scholar at Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies, has produced a report for Minnesota’s Center of the American Experiment which finds that power sources like wind and solar aren’t really accomplishing what their supporters say they are. This despite what Hayward described as “completely perverse” subsidies so massive they sometimes allow renewable

This Is What North Dakota Is Avoiding by Keeping Tobacco Taxes Low

A ballot initiative to implement a massive tax hike on tobacco products in North Dakota failed miserably last year. Nearly 62 percent of voters cast their ballots against it. It’s a good thing, too, because there are problems attendant to high tobacco taxes which we should want to avoid. Case in point, Minnesota’s struggles with

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton Calls Criticism Over #NoDAPL Protests Response “Inaccurate and Offensive”

Yesterday I wrote a post about the Minnesota Sheriff’s Association ripping Governor Mark Dayton in a letter over his handling of EMAC requests from the State of North Dakota for assistance in dealing with the #NoDAPL protests. At times those protests involved thousands of activists who blocked roads, attacked law enforcement officers, and vandalized millions

sandpiper pipeline

Minnesota Regulator Was Apparently Coordinating With Anti-Oil Activists To Oppose Sandpiper Pipeline

I think it’s useful, when we talk about the debate over energy development, that we draw a distinction between people who desire responsible development of resources like oil and coal and people who for political and ideological reasons don’t want any of that sort of development at all. The former is a practical and common

Judge To Minnesota: Yes You Are Trying To Regulate Interstate Commerce

In 2007 the State of Minnesota passed a law restricting imports of fossil-fuel electricity into their state. Ostensibly the law was motivated by environmentalism, though it does nothing to address things like coal-fired power plants based in Minnesota. Anyway, the State of North Dakota sued Minnesota over the law because it is blatantly unconstitutional. Article 1,

"Neanderthal" North Dakota Has Better Air Quality Than Minnesota

Over the weekend Governor Mark Dayton took a shot at North Dakota’s political leadership, calling our state’s approach to climate change policy “neanderthal.” “These other states like North Dakota … just have their heads in the sand and want to profit and then pollute our air accordingly,” Dayton said during an interview with Minnesota Public