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North Dakota Lawmakers Proposing Fixing The State's Ridiculous Oil Tax Trigger

North Dakota Lawmakers Proposing Fixing The State's Ridiculous Oil Tax Trigger

North Dakota’s existing oil tax code is a disgrace to public policy. Among other confusing exemptions it includes two triggers based on oil prices which kick in lower tax rates. In fact, thanks to plunging oil prices, the clock is currently ticking on the “big trigger” which will reduce state revenues by billions of oil

Dalrymple Administration Beclowns Themselves On Discrimination Policy

Shortly after Republicans in the state House took a tough stand against SB2279, an anti-discrimination bill, Governor Jack Dalrymple decided to give his colleagues a little kick in the ribs with a note to the media expressing his disappointment in the vote. The Governor didn’t make himself any friends on either side of the issue.

ND Senate Kills Tuition Bill, Blames Student Debt On Students

There’s an old saw, usually attributed erroneously to Albert Einstein, about insanity being defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Whoever said it, there’s a grain of truth to it. Especially when it comes to higher education in North Dakota. There’s little disagreement over the idea that

ND Senate Says No To Earlier Sunday Booze Sales

HB1434, introduced by Rep. Marie Strinden (D-Grand Forks) would have allowed for restaurants to begin serving alcohol one hour earlier on Sundays. It’s called the “brunch” bill, since Sunday morning mimosas are a fad right now. North Dakota has the latest start-time for alcohol sales on Sundays in the region, starting at noon. Minnesota starts

Ahead Of Revenue Forecast Dems Doing Oil Tax Trigger Damage Control

There is absolutely no question at this point that the decision by lawmakers in 2013 to rid the state’s oil tax code of oil price “triggers” and other exemptions was a mistake. With oil prices continuing to plunge it seems likely that a trigger eliminating the state’s oil extraction tax, and causing a wild multi-billion dollar

Senate Democrats Trying To Resurrect Student Privacy Issue

Earlier this week a Democrat bill to exempt student directory information from open records laws (inspired by some partisan grandstanding during the election) was soundly defeated. Democrats claim that the use of student information obtained by a Republican-aligned marketing firm through an open records request was some assault on the privacy of students, despite no evidence

Election Day Criminal Complaint Filed By ND Democrats Results In No Charges

Democrats and left-wing activists making wild legal accusations before election day, which ultimately get rejected after election day, has become something of a tradition in North Dakota. During the 2012 election cycle it was a lawsuit, filed by a group of environmental activists and touted during their campaigns by Democrats on the statewide ballot like Pam

Democrat Superminority Makes Political Hay Over Surge Funding

If there is one silver lining for North Dakota’s superminority Democrats, it’s that they don’t really have to take responsibility for anything that happens in state government. They’re free to play whatever political games they please, knowing full well that whatever the outcome they can point their fingers at the Republican majority. Case in point,

After Lengthy Debate, And With Some Serious Misgivings, Senate Narrowly Approves Melicher For SBHE

Despite an abysmal performance in support of his own candidacy before a Senate committee, resulting in that committee recommending against appointment, Dalrymple SBHE nominee Kevin Melicher was confirmed today on a 27-18 vote (he needed 24 votes). The debate was interesting in that every single speaker who rose, even those who spoke in support of

House And Senate Leaders Back Amendment Requiring That Lawmakers Live In Their Districts

Back in 2013 SAB was the first to report that multiple lawmakers were no longer living in their legislative districts despite having represented those districts in the 2013 session, and continuing to represent them in interim proceedings. Among them was Rep. Curtiss Kruen (R-Grand Forks) and Rep. Nancy Johnson (R-Dickinson), neither of whom ran for