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This Video of a North Dakota Deputy Getting Cursed at Is Why You Should Give Cops a Break

This Video of a North Dakota Deputy Getting Cursed at Is Why You Should Give Cops a Break

Over the weekend a reader sent this video to me showing a McLean County deputy pulling over a lady who didn’t seem to be interested in doing anything other than cursing the poor guy out. The stop apparently happened on the 4th of July – they reference the holiday during their discussion and you can actually

Law Enforcement Spouse: Dakota Access Protesters Need to Stop Threatening Cops

You may have noticed there’s quite a happening in North Dakota right now. The construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline and the protests consuming it have headlined local and national news recently. The topic has garnered much attention from people across the nation, including celebrities who have lent their voices in support to cease the

The Left-Right Paradox at the Center of Our Debate Over Law Enforcement

Law enforcement has been much in my mind recently, for obvious reasons. As I’ve discussed with friends and family the recent violence perpetrated by police on civilians, and by civilians on police, I’ve notice something of a paradox in the views of liberals and conservatives. My liberal friends, who are generally in favor of solving

The Only Acceptable Statement Now Is ‘All Lives Matter’

I got up early this morning to rewrite my Sunday newspaper column after staying up until well past midnight last night watching events unfold in Dallas. You see, my column was about police shootings and violence against cops, but the attack on cops in Dallas has changed the landscape. I don’t know what to say

North Dakota Law Enforcement Being Disingenuous About Potential For Armed Drones

Earlier this week an article by Justin Glawe, a former Grand Forks Herald reporter who now writes for many different national outlets, raised some eyebrows. Glawe’s study detailed some carefully changed wording in legislation passed earlier this year which allows law enforcement in North Dakota to put non-lethal weapons on drones. That story has been met

North Dakota Law Enforcement Being Dishonest About Quotas Policies

A recent Gallup poll has indicated that American confidence in law enforcement is at a 22-year low. While most Americans do continue to say that they trust law enforcement, the downward trend should have cops worried. Here in North Dakota we’ve avoided the sort of conflict and controversy that has made national headlines in other