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Woman Who Accused Rep. Cramer Of "Verbal Abuse" Is A Democrat Operative

Woman Who Accused Rep. Cramer Of "Verbal Abuse" Is A Democrat Operative

Yesterday news broke that a Spirit Lake Indian Reservation official had accused Rep. Kevin Cramer of “threats of violence” and “verbal abuse” during a discussion over his concerns about the Violence Against Women Act. The woman, one Melissa Merrick, posted her version of events online but so far that version hasn’t been corroborated by anyone

Spirit Lake Reservation Official Claims She Was "Verbally Abused" By Rep. Kevin Cramer

I’ve written extensively about the very real problems in the Violence Against Women Act pertaining to due process rights for non-tribal members accused of crimes in tribal jurisdictions. The tribal justice system is prone to woeful levels of incompetency and corruption, and there are serious questions about whether or not non-tribal members can get fair

Drones Are Stealing North Dakota Air Space

North Dakota blogger, and pilot, Julie Neidliner has a lengthy and detailed post about the impact on state air space of the drone research program moving in at the University of North Dakota. To date most of the concerns about drones have focused, understandably, on privacy concerns. But as a pilot, Neidlinger has a different

Interview: Rep. Kevin Cramer Talks Drone Privacy And Airport Security

Earlier today I wrote about comments from Rep. Kevin Cramer which were dismissive of concerns over a drone privacy bill being considered by North Dakota’s legislature. The legislation, introduced by state Rep. Rick Becker, would require that law enforcement obtain a warrant before using a drone as a part of a criminal investigations with specific

Congress Kevin Cramer Backs State Limitations On Drone Use

In the Grand Forks Herald today are two letters to the editor poo-pooing state legislation to require that law enforcement obtain a warrant before using a UAV, or “drone,” in a criminal investigation. One is from Grand Forks County Sheriff Bob Rost, and the other is from UND Center for Innovation CEO Bruce Gjovig. A

Due Process Rights Take A Back Seat To The "War On Women"

The House today voted in favor of re-authorizing the Violence Against Women Act. After first considering a version backed by House conservatives, protecting the rights of the accused by removing a provision giving tribal authorities jurisdiction over non-tribal members, they passed the Senate version of the law. Here in North Dakota, Senator Heidi Heitkamp (who,

Democrats: North Dakota Women Are In "Emergent Danger" For "Simply Being Women"

The North Dakota Democrat party picked new leadership recently, and adopted an official resolution calling Republican leadership of the state a failure (you’re probably about as shocked as I am). But the text of the resolution is interesting. In addition for claiming that Republicans hate little children and gays, it also states that women are

Does Heidi Heitkamp Care About Victims Of Violence Or Trial Lawyers?

Rep. Kevin Cramer, noting that the mother of his adopted son was the victim of violence, notes some of the problems with the Violence Against Women Act that I’ve been writing about recently: “I have some concern in reference to inherent sovereignty for the tribes and I want to check more thoroughly into the constitutionality

Maybe Gun Violence Doesn't Have A Legislative Solution

Today Rep. Kevin Cramer held a forum on gun issues in Fargo. It included a panel discussion, and audience participation, and I’m sure all the usual arguments both for and against gun control were heard. But at the end of this Fargo Forum article about the event, Cramer said something I found to be fairly

Why Doesn't Heidi Heitkamp Support Fair Trials For The Accused?

Senator Heidi Heitkamp is on a statewide tour touting the Senate’s passage of the Violence Against Women Act. The intent of Heitkamp’s tour is blatantly political – Rep. Kevin Cramer will be up for re-election at the top of the statewide ballot next year, and Heitkamp clearly intends to use the VAWA as a wedge