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NDSU Faculty Senate Circulating Resolution Claiming “Crisis of Confidence” in State Board and University System Leadership

NDSU Faculty Senate Circulating Resolution Claiming “Crisis of Confidence” in State Board and University System Leadership

The faculty at North Dakota State University have approved for circulation to other institutions a draft resolution expressing a “crisis in confidence” in the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education and the North Dakota University System leadership. A SAB reader forwarded me the email below sent out by Kathryn Gordon, an Associate Professor at

Audio: SBHE Pres. Kathy Neset Responds to Faculty Criticism, Says She’d Like to See Women’s Hockey “Move Forward”

Amid deep budget cuts for higher education being implemented by the Legislature a group of faculty members at North Dakota State University accused university system leadership of not adequately backing the state’s public institutions. “We’re seeing, I think, an orchestrated attack on higher education,” Mark Meister, chair of the communication department, said during a meeting

If Dean Bresciani Wants His Contract Discussions to Be Open to the Public He Should Request It Himself

From 2010 through today the North Dakota University System and its various component institutions and foundations have been found by the North Dakota Attorney General’s office to have violated state open records and open meetings laws no fewer than 19 times. These violations represent just over 17 percent of all the open records/open meetings opinions

SBHE Audit Committee to Review Bresciani Text Messaging Controversy Tomorrow

UPDATE: The audit committee has authorized an independent investigator to review the controversy. The State Board of Higher Education has just released an agenda for a meeting of their Audit Committee scheduled for tomorrow. It seems to be something of a hastily arranged thing, what with the members of the committee meeting by conference call. You

SBHE President Says They’re Investigating Bresciani Texts and Will “Consider Next Steps”

NDSU President Dean Bresciani has been caught being something less than honest about his handling of controversial media restrictions last week, with texts I obtained through an open records request showing that his behind-the-scenes statements and actions didn’t match his public words. Since then the Fargo Forum editorial board has called on Bresciani to resign. Now

SBHE President: NDSU’s Dean Bresciani Is on Notice

Yesterday evening, after we got news that the State Board of Higher Education had renewed the contract of every president under review except NDSU President Dean Bresciani, I spoke with board president Kathy Neset about the decision. She stressed to me that the board, which voted 7-1 in favor of delaying a renewal of Bresciani’s

Could NDSU President Dean Bresciani Be Fired Next Week?

The State Board of Higher Education has scheduled a special board meeting for June 29, and the buzz is that it’s going to be very…interesting. Per the posted agenda, the board members will discussed a tiered evaluation process for the university presidents, which doesn’t seem very controversial. Basically Chancellor Mark Hagerott wants to stagger the

Audio: Board Of Higher Education President Wants To Review UND Decision To Exclude "North Dakota" Nickname Choice

This morning news broke here on SAB regarding the voting process for establishing a new nickname for the University of North Dakota, and the big news out of that announcement is that UND President Robert Kelley decided to exclude the “North Dakota” or no nickname option from the vote. Shortly after I broke the news,