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Did A North Dakota Democrat Say He Voted To Let His Brother Get Aborted?

Did A North Dakota Democrat Say He Voted To Let His Brother Get Aborted?

Please, if you read this post, be sure to watch the above video to give it context. On Thursday Chris Berg had a couple of guests on his 6:30 Point of View program to debate the gay marriage issue. One was Tom Frier of the North Dakota Family Alliance, and the other was state Rep.

North Dakota State Rep. Says He's "Confident" State's Anti-Gay Marriage Laws Will Get Legal Challenge

State Rep. Josh Boschee, a Democrat from Fargo and North Dakota’s first openly gay lawmaker, says he’s “confident” that North Dakota’s anti-gay marriage laws will see a legal challenge soon. As I’ve written previously, North Dakota is now the only state in the union that has anti-gay marriage laws on the books that haven’t yet

Could Lawsuit Have North Dakota Join Legal Gay Marriage States?

North Dakota’s first openly gay legislator says a legal challenge to North Dakota’s statewide ban on homosexual marriages, passed on the ballot in 2004, could be coming after court rulings striking down such laws in other states. Democratic Rep. Joshua Boschee is the first openly gay person elected to the North Dakota Legislature. He says

Republican Senator Reignites Milkgate

Senator Tim Flakoll (R-Fargo), apparently feeling that Democrats hadn’t made enough political hay over funding for a third half-pint of milk a day for school kids, has decided to bring the issue up again by amending a House bill with an appropriation that is even larger than the one called for by Democrats. Flakoll, chairman

House Votes To Defund NDSU/Planned Parenthood Partnership

North Dakota State University set off a controversy when, thumbing its collective nose at the legislature, they partnered with abortion industry giant Planned Parenthood for sex education research. Legislators objected to NDSU use of funds to partner with Planned Parenthood, but Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem sided with NDSU. In amending SB2368 (another anti-abortion bill introduced

SAB's Top Posts For The Last Week, Open Thread

These were the top posts, by page views, on SayAnythingBlog.com for the week that was: Democrat Legislator Jessica Haak Calls Republican Majority Leader A “Nazi” – Rep. Jessica Haak – (D-Jamestown) got caught posting nasty things, untrue things about Republicans on Twitter. When House Majority Leader Al Carlson confronted her about it, she called him

Three ND Legislators Convicted Of Alcohol-Related Traffic Offenses

Over the weekend the Fargo Forum ran a story about “lead foot legislators,” correlating speeding offenses with the legislator’s positions on speeding fines. That was an interesting story, but an even bigger story went overlooked by the Forum, and I wonder if it had to do with the involvement of Rep. Josh Boschee who has,

Video: ND Democrats Apologize For Partisanship Over "Milkgate"

In a childish display of partisan petulance, North Dakota Democrats staged a publicity stunt in the state house earlier this week bringing to the floor a bill (HB1421) to fund an extra carton of milk for underprivileged North Dakota school kids (they already get two) with a state appropriation. When Republicans voted the bill down,

North Dakota Democrats Introduce Raft Of Ethics Reforms Both Good And Bad

Last year the Fargo Forum took a bribe from the George Soros-funded Center for Public Integrity to help produce a study claiming North Dakota was one of the states in the nation most at-risk for corruption. How much did the Forum take? They’re not telling, but this ridiculous study also managed to conclude that the