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Organic Mill May Still Owe The Taxpayers As Much As $8.4 Million

Organic Mill May Still Owe The Taxpayers As Much As $8.4 Million

North Dakota’s Public Service Commission has filed insolvency charges against Earth Harvest Mills in Harvey, ND a company that has received millions in government subsidies. We first wrote about this company back in 2010, and last week we covered the company getting more than $12 million in subsidies including $2.64 million in grants and “investments”

Earth Harvest Mills, Recipient Of More Than $12 Million In State/Federal Subsidies, Faces Insolvency Charges

The North Dakota Public Service Commission has filed insolvency proceedings against Earth Harvest Mills, an organic grains company based in Harvey North Dakota, after a customer filed a complaint over a $26,000 unpaid grain claim. “We’re at a point where we are cannot in good conscience let this continue,” Public Service Commissioner Randy Christmann told

USDA Expands Subprime Loan Program In Western North Dakota

Western North Dakota has a housing shortage driving spiking prices. There’s no doubt that is creating headaches for those trying to find a place to lead, but are government-backed subprime loans really the answer? According to Jasper Schneider, the USDA’s Director of Rural Development here in North Dakota, they are. Why, they can even provide

Interesting: Jasper Schneider Paying To Promote Facebook Page

It’s way too early to start talking about candidates for statewide office in 2014. Or maybe it’s not. Here’s something interesting I spotted on Facebook today. Jasper Schneider, a former Democrat legislator and candidate for Insurance Commissioner, is paying to promote his Facebook page. This popped up in my feed today. Note the “sponsored” link