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Shocker: Notorious "Gun Map" Was 77% Inaccurate

Shocker: Notorious "Gun Map" Was 77% Inaccurate

The very premise of a newspaper printing a database of the home addresses of gun owners is offensive. It’s an affront to individual privacy, it puts people in danger and serves no public interest at all. And, it seems, it was almost entirely inaccurate: The newspaper map of one New York county’s pistol permits was

Father Of Sandy Hook Victim: "The Problem Is Not Gun Laws"

I’m normally a little suspicious of giving absolute moral authority to the victims/family of victims/friends of victims of some tragedy on public policy issues. Just because you got hurt, or your loved one died, doesn’t necessarily make you any more right than the rest of us when it comes to public policy. That being said,

How About A Waiting Period For Legislating?

One of the ideas for gun control being bandied about in Washington is a waiting period for gun purchases. Glenn Reynolds, writing for the New York Post, wonders if we shouldn’t first apply that idea to legislating: I’d like to propose a “waiting period” for legislation. No bill should be voted on without hearings, debate

Obama Claims He Goes Skeet Shooting "All The Time"

When Democrats get into a gun-grabby sort of mood, they’re always quick to defend themselves by cloaking themselves in America’s hunting/shootings ports heritage. They always express their support for hunting. It’s just those nasty, scary-looking assault weapons they’re against. Case in point, President Obama claiming that he and his Camp David guests go skeet shooting

Virginia Joins North Dakota In Proposing Legislation To Protect Against Federal Gun Control

Here in North Dakota, Rep. Roscoe Streyle has introduced HB1183 which would prohibit the use of state resources to enforce any new federal gun control laws. Over in Virginia state legislators are moving forward on a similar bill aimed at accomplishing the same goal. From the Washington Post: Marshall said the measure is meant to

Fargo Police Chief Calls For Assault Weapons Ban

Fargo Police Chief Keith Ternes must not have a firm grasp on what’s actually happening at the legislature in Bismarck. In blasting HB1183, introduced by Rep. Roscoe Streyle and aimed at preventing any state support for new federal gun control laws, Ternes claimed that most law enforcement in the state would oppose the bill: FARGO

Montana Newspaper Association Wants Concealed Carry Records Kept Partially Open

With a national food-fight over gun control on-going, and media outlets publishing the home addresses of gun owners on the east coast, the Montana state legislature is considering a bill that would shut down access to records on concealed carry permit holders in their state. Unfortunately, the Montana Newspaper Association doesn’t want that to happen.

Groupon Agrees To Stop Gun-Related Deals

Gun control activists will claim that they’re not out to grab your guns, or prevent law-abiding citizens from exercising their second amendment rights. They just want “common sense regulation.” But that sure doesn’t stop the activists from trying to make it a lot harder to purchase guns and ammunition. Case in point, internet deals hub

North Dakota Democrats Cut And Run From Gun Control Bills

Earlier today I wrote about two gun control bills submitted to the North Dakota legislature by Democrat Rep. Steve Zaiser yesterday. The bills, HB1415 and HB1416, would have banned “assault weapons” as well as magazines containing more than 10 rounds. Those proposals are very much in keeping with what many Democrats, nationally, have called for

Anti-Gun Groups Attack Charities Funded By Gun Sale Profits

According to this report from Bloomberg News, owned by rabidly-anti gun New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, schools that benefit from contributions from the Walton Family Foundation are re-thinking the acceptance of those funds because most of that wealth comes from the family’s involvement in the Walmart stores which, in turn, are the nation’s #1 gun