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Grand Forks Councilman Summons Theater Owners To A Meeting Over Controversial Anti-Islam Speaker

Grand Forks Councilman Summons Theater Owners To A Meeting Over Controversial Anti-Islam Speaker

UPDATE: Per KNOX radio host Ryan Cunningham, “No one from the Empire Arts Center will attend today’s meeting.” He adds that “The EAC has invited Bret Weber to their noon meeting next Wednesday to speak his piece, and that meeting will be open to the media.” At the University of Jamestown earlier this week campus officials

Social Media Justice Is No Justice At All

There is no question in my mind that the democratization of the media brought about by blogs, and the enhancements to communications brought by platforms like Facebook and Twitter, have been a net benefit to society. But there is an element to social media, in particular, that’s grown disturbing. Specifically, the rise of online mob

Something Stinks About Grand Forks Police Shooting

UPDATE: The Grand Forks Herald has more details from a press conference this afternoon. Law enforcement is claiming that there were suicide concerns regarding Mr. Elliot and that he tried to ram a squad car which resulted in his shooting. But if the explanation is as simple as that, what’s with the delay in releasing the story?

Grand Forks Bans Beer Pong

UPDATE: It looks like the WDAZ article quoted below was inaccurate. Grand Forks has merely moved these ordinance changes forward. They’ve yet to become law, per the Grand Forks Herald. Here in America we have a problem with alcohol abuse among college-aged people. The City of Grand Forks, home to the University of North Dakota, is no different

Did Obamacare Prompt Grand Forks Union To Strike?

Employees of J.R. Simplot in Grand Forks have voted to go on strike and were picketing as of yesterday. According to the Grand Forks Herald, their reasoning for going on strike were longer shifts, changing their pensions into 401k plans and…increased contributions to their health insurance plans: The strike came shortly after an employee vote to

Kade Ferris: "Siouxper Drunk" Tshirts Were Intentionally Offensive

As you may have seen, there is a new, brewing controversy at UND once again. This time the issue that has arisen is not as easily written off as a case of misunderstanding being perceived as racism, but rather it’s a case of some students using a purposely offensive meme (in this case a t-shirt