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Local Control Shouldn't Mean A Blank Check For Local Governments

Local Control Shouldn't Mean A Blank Check For Local Governments

Since 2007, North Dakota’s state government has been trying to solve a local government property tax problem. High property taxes are driving public dissatisfaction, but what’s driving high property taxes is local spending. Yet, local government officials have been very effective redirecting the angst over property taxes to state leaders. And, unfortunately, Governor John Hoeven

The Outdoor Heritage Fund Is A Threat To Property Rights

In the first half of the legislative session the North Dakota House passed a bill, HB1278, to create the Outdoor Heritage Fund. The idea came from a ballot measure that was derailed by petition fraud last summer. It would create a panel of special interest groups that would decide how to spend $30 million in

The ND House Tackles A Batch Of Property Tax Bills

Yesterday the state House addressed a slew of property tax bills (a full summary of the bills and outcomes below), including Governor Jack Dalrymple’s supposed “property tax relief” bill, which I thought was aptly characterized in this Grand Forks Herald headline: The Governor’s property tax relief isn’t really tax relief at all. Not when spending

Grand Forks Herald Flip Flops On Drone Privacy Concerns

“Despite a burgeoning national movement that’s resulting in proposals to protect individual privacy from coast to coast, too few police officers in North Dakota seem to take seriously the privacy concerns raised by drones,” wrote the Grand Forks Herald editorial board back in January, expressing support for a drone privacy bill before the legislature. But

Nothing In Higher Ed Will Change Under The Status Quo

“The absurdity of students in the North Dakota University System voting ‘no confidence’ in the chancellor regarding the State Board of Higher Education’s new policies and practices is beyond ridiculous and is totally inappropriate,” writes state Rep. Bob Skarphol in the Grand Forks Herald today. Rep. Skarphol has been a strong proponent of Chancellor Hamid

When Sports Journalism Is An Oxymoron

Earlier this week the University of North Dakota made national headlines when they suspended a play-by-play announcer, Paul Ralston, for telling the truth when the university’s basketball team pulled off a “choke job” (his words) at the end of a game. Now, it’s undeniable that the team choked. The fans knew it. The coach admitted

Dorso Column: Why Does Higher Education Exist?

As I age I have more time to reflect on my time in the legislature. Time also has yielded new perspectives and a better understanding of the circumstances we had to deal with. What hasn’t changed in the last 10 plus years is my perception of higher education in North Dakota. On page 247 of

It's Time To Ask Voters Again About Constitutional Protections For Universities

Earlier this week I wrote about HCR3008, introduced by Rep. Mark Dosch, which would remove from the state constitution mentions of eight of the state’s eleven college campuses. Because those campuses, and their intents/locations, are named in the state constitution they existence is required by law. Meaning that regardless of enrollment declines, performance problems or

Let's Choose A Third Way In The Battle Between The Chancellor And The University Presidents

“The board needs to take immediate decisive action to reverse recent policy changes and appoint a chancellor who has a solid proven record of effective trusted and respected leadership,” writes state Senators Tony Grindberg and Karen Krebsbach, as well as Rep. Lois Delmore in the Grand Forks Herald today. These legislators want North Dakota University

It's Enough To Make You Want To Bang Your Head Against The Wall

Earlier this week the reliably liberal Grand Forks Herald editorial board backed up Governor Jack Dalrymple’s push to accept Obamacare funding to expand the state’s Medicaid programs. That, in and of itself, isn’t surprising. The Herald‘s editorial board is dismissive of concerns over intrusive, expensive government and a champion of government interventionism in everything from