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Grand Forks Herald Covers Nepotism Story First Reported On SAB

Grand Forks Herald Covers Nepotism Story First Reported On SAB

In a post yesterday about a bit of nepotism in a Grand Forks affordable housing program I wrote that it was a bit odd that the Grand Forks Herald had run an ad announcing the adverse action that resulted from said nepotism, but a week after running that ad they hadn’t run a news article

We Should Allow Public Comment Before Journalists Can Exercise 1st Amendment Rights

The reliably left-wing Grand Forks Herald editorial board poo-poos the idea that “extraordinary places” regulations passed by the State Industrial Commission would place unfair delays on the development of privately owned property. The point here is not that North Dakota should zone the “extraordinary places” being considered by the Industrial Commission (and written about by two

North Dakota Conservation Activists Didn't Get As Much From Industrial Commission As They'd Like You To Think

To hear the Tom Dennis, writing on behalf of the Grand Forks Herald editorial board, tell it you’d think North Dakota conservation activists won a great victory at the State Industrial Commission last week. The commission cast a vote on Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem’s “extraordinary places” proposal, and Dennis thinks it’s a sign of conservation interests

UND Student Body President Refused To Sign Letter Backing President Kelly

“I didn’t feel comfortable at all adding my name to it,” University of North Dakota Student Body President Nick Creamer told me about a recent letter submitted to the Grand Forks Herald in support of President Kelly. “I didn’t agree with a lot of the contents of the letter.” The letter purports to show support

We Can Blame Cramer For The Farm Bill, But Not Heitkamp For Keystone?

Yesterday I was pretty critical of how Rep. Kevin Cramer was handling the farm bill. Instead of standing on principle and talking about the legions of problems with that bill – not the least of which is the fact that controversial food stamps spending comprises roughly 80% of the appropriations in it – he chose

UND's Vice Presidents Circling The Wagons Around Kelley

After outgoing Chancellor Hamid Shirvani ripped UND President Robert Kelley (and a couple of others) in an assessment, a who’s-who of the university’s bloated administration is circling the wagons around him. Shirvani recommended no salary increase for Kelley (he’s already making north of $340,000/year) and only a one-year contract extension, but Kelley’s minions want their

North Dakota Chamber Of Commerce Begs Locals To Cut Property Taxes

When it comes to taxing and spending policy, there is no area causing North Dakotans more consternation than property taxes. Last year a group of conservative citizens put on the ballot a measure to abolish property taxes, but it was soundly defeated after a vicious attack campaign lead by the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce

Lunatics Running The Asylum: SBHE Buys Out Shirvani

Chancellor Hamid Shirvani will be leaving North Dakota’s university system after offering an ultimatum to the SBHE today: Either give him the backing he needs to govern the university system or buy out his contract. The board, which was probably headed toward canning Shirvani anyway, chose to buy him out. Shirvani is the second university

The Proponents Of Drones Want You To Stop Calling Them Drones

According to this report in the Grand Forks Herald the proponents of the coming drone mission in North Dakota – state political leaders and the University of North Dakota have teamed up to push the state as a sort of national testing grounds for them – want you to stop calling the unmanned flying objects