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Fetishizing Bipartisanship Is Kind of Dumb

Fetishizing Bipartisanship Is Kind of Dumb

“Not one Democrat voted for North Dakota’s new Voter ID law,” the Grand Forks Herald says in an editorial today. “That’s reason enough for Gov. Doug Burgum to veto it.” The editorial goes on to make some additional critiques of the law which I don’t agree with (here are my thoughts on that) but those opening

File photo of Republican State Senator Tom Campbell (R-Grafton) in Bismarck, N.D. (Logan Werlinger/Grand Forks Herald)

Government Facilities Should Serve the Public Not Politicians

Yesterday, in an act of rank parochialism, a majority in North Dakota’s Senate voted down a resolution which would have studied the efficacy of one of our state’s 15 constitutionally-mandated public institutions. Specifically, the Life Skills and Training Center in Grafton which has a very large budget, a very large payroll, and not a lot

Grand Forks Herald: Stop Calling Refugee Resettlement Skeptics Racists

The Grand Forks Herald today has a really, really good editorial about the refugee resettlement debate. It’s both a national and local issue. Here in North Dakota lawmakers are debating HB1427 which would require a quantification of the local costs of refugee resettlement and allow officials in the state to pause resettlement if they feel

U.S. Representative Kevin Cramer (R-ND) talks at the public launch of the U.S. Agriculture Coalition for Cuba while at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, U.S. on January 8, 2015. REUTERS/Larry Downing/File photo

Rep. Cramer’s Efforts on Media Bias Are Misguided, but Journalism Industry Should Admit They Have a Problem

“Cramer should stop tilting at this windmill.” That’s what the Grand Forks Herald says today in an editorial about Rep. Kevin Cramer’s efforts to address media bias among the nation’s television broadcasters. This all started back just before the election when news broke that Cramer had sent a letter to the broadcasters promising hearings on media

Jack Russell Weinstein, a UND philosophy professor of 16 years, was recently included on ProfessorWatchList.org which seeks to collect "specific incidents and names of professors that advance a radical agenda in lecture halls."

Professor Watch Lists Are Dumb, but Don’t Ignore Academia’s Hostility to Right-of-Center Thinking

In an editorial today the Grand Forks Herald rightly denounces ProfessorWatchlist.org, a database which seeks to collect “specific incidents and names of professors that advance a radical agenda in lecture halls.” What occasioned the Herald’s reaction was the inclusion of a professor of philosophy from the University of North Dakota on the list. “A huge reason why so

Voters fill out their ballot forms Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014. Dave Wallis / The Forum

Grand Forks Herald: North Dakota Voter ID Proponents Are Trying to Suppress Votes

In the early part of the last century the activists behind progressive causes like alcohol prohibition and women’s suffrage had an unlikely ally. Namely, the Ku Klux Klan. “The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) shared a common interest in promoting and defending alcohol prohibition, women’s suffrage, Protestantism, and the protection

Notably It Is Not a “Safe” Pipeline Day of Action but a “No” Pipeline Day of Action

In the Grand Forks Herald today is an article about the environmental extremists organizing the Dakota Access Pipeline protests looking nationalize their opposition with a “day of action.” Senator and erstwhile candidate for President Bernie Sanders will apparently rally with protesters in Washington D.C. Notably, this is not a safe pipeline day of action but

Dickinson Reps. Alan Fehr, front right, and Vicky Steiner, front second right, both Republican, look over emails and legislative documents on Monday while listening to debate in the House Chambers at the State Capitol in Bismarck. Press Photo by April Baumgarten

North Dakota’s Legislature Needs to Meet Every Year

“Whether it’s relatively equal sessions each year or a flexible approach that other states used in transition doesn’t really matter. It’s time for the North Dakota Legislature to meet annually,” the Grand Forks Herald argues in an editorial today. “It’s time for the North Dakota Legislature to meet annually.” The impetus for the Herald’s position is the