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"We Need To Stand Up For Coal Country" Says Noted Hillary Clinton Supporter

"We Need To Stand Up For Coal Country" Says Noted Hillary Clinton Supporter

Back in March Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said her policies would “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.” That comment has come to haunt Clinton. In West Virginia it lost her the backing of an influential organization of coal miners. But Clinton doesn’t seem to have lost the support

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Hoeven: Iran Deal Heidi Heitkamp Voted For Is Hurting North Dakota

Here’s something North Dakota Republicans need to do more of: Talk about how Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s votes in Congress have hurt North Dakota. Senator John Hoeven kinda, sorta did that this last weekend when he delivered the GOP’s weekly address (watch it above). In it he pointed out that the Iran deal is hurting America’s

Anne Krapu: "They That Govern The Most Make The Least Noise"

17th century British jurist John Selden once noted, “They that govern the most make the least noise.” With a firm lock on the state legislature, governor’s mansion, statewide offices, and two of three of North Dakota’s slots in Congress, the NDGOP is certainly doing the most governing of any entity in the state. And, aside

Matt Evans: If The EPA Cares About Me So Much, It Can Send A Card

I am responding to Mr. Olsrud’s article from Wednesday, titled “when did the EPA become the bad guys”. Go read the piece, if you haven’t.  I’ll wait. I was really disappointed when I read this.  Given the stature and experience of the author, I was hoping for something better and more convincing. The first difficulty

Shauna Theel: Wind Becoming A Valuable Part Of North Dakota’s Energy Boom

The renewable energy Production Tax Credit (PTC) has helped spur private investment in projects that help American workers make more of our energy right here at home, and North Dakota has seen the benefits. For instance, when the leading wind turbine manufacturer LM Wind Power announced it was hiring hundreds of workers in the state

Hey Kevin Cramer, The Lights Are Already Going Out In Minnesota

North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer has an op/ed in the Wall Street Journal today headlined, “Where Will You Be When the Lights Go Out?” “The North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC), a regulatory authority that monitors the U.S. and Canadian power systems, released a study on Nov. 12 concluding that the long-term reliability of the U.S.

Jason Stverak: Let The Wind Production Tax Credit Expire

The winds of change roared through the American political system this November, but clearly they didn’t blow hard enough to break congressional love for wasteful subsidies like the wind energy production tax credit. In an overwhelming vote of 378 to 46, the House of Representatives extended the credit retroactively for 2014, potentially burdening American taxpayers

Energy Industry-Backed Curriculum Doesn't Mention Global Warming, Media Flips Out

Forum Communications reporter Grace Lyden wrote an article over the weekend blasting the energy industry for creating education curriculum which doesn’t mention global warming (or “climate change” as it is being called these days). I’m honestly not sure what the fuss is. Teaching “climate change” in a class about energy development sounds a bit like

David Flynn: What Really Drives the Price of Oil?

I have not looked at oil production time series for North Dakota in a while so I thought it time to take a look. Oil production, in fact most commodity production (and certainly extractive production) has an interesting cost structure. There are significant fixed cost elements to cover in order to generate profit. Notice in