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Pro-Wind Lawmaker Accidentally Speaks the Truth About Wind Energy: It’s Not Needed or Stable

Pro-Wind Lawmaker Accidentally Speaks the Truth About Wind Energy: It’s Not Needed or Stable

“I want to see us support and make coal more competitive,” said House Minority Leader Corey Mock, a Democrat from Grand Forks, said in a committee hearing in Bismarck last week. “But I certainly wouldn’t want to do it at the expense of other energy industries.” That’s an ironic statement given that the topic at

Audio: Head of Coal Industry Group Says Trump Order Means New Coal Plants Could Be Built

I had Jason Bohrer on my radio show today. Jason is the head of the Lignite Energy Council which, as you might imagine, represents and promotes the state’s coal interests. I wanted to talk with him about President Donald Trump today signing an executive order rolling back a number of Obama administration regulations and restrictions

Amendment Would Seek a Moratorium on Approving New Wind Power Projects in North Dakota

In its original form SB2314, introduced by Republican Senator Jessica Unruh of Beulah, would have addressed power companies seeking rate hikes here in North Dakota to pay for compliance with green power mandates in other states. It also would have moved North Dakota’s renewable energy mandate (which has long since been satisfied) from the law and

Kevin Cramer: Trump Moves American Energy Forward

For years, the Obama administration used its executive authority to obstruct two crucial energy infrastructure projects: the Dakota Access pipeline and the Keystone XL pipeline. Today, the obstruction finally came to an end when President Donald Trump signed two executive orders. This action affirms our new president’s respect for the rule of law and his

Jason Bohrer: Polling Shows the People Support Clean Coal

The benefits of coal-based electricity to North Dakota include low electricity costs for homes and businesses, more than 14,000 jobs in the state, and $100 million in annual tax revenues. The coal industry makes our lives better every day, so it’s no wonder the Lignite Energy Council’s newest poll shows voters strongly support coal as

Market-Distorting, Wind-Friendly Public Policy Needs to Go

The closing of the Stanton Station coal plant in central North Dakota has clearly struck a nerve in the state. This despite the fact that the plant was small, old, and not one that was providing base load power for the region. It got the attention of our Public Service Commission, the folks in charge

Mike Jones: North Dakota Leads in Clean Coal Technology

As the United States and countries throughout the world seek ways to reduce man-made CO2 emissions, the state of North Dakota will be a leader in finding a solution for low-rank coals such as lignite while continuing to supply affordable and reliable electricity. North Dakota has several unique characteristics: A state-industry R&D partnership with a

Kevin Cramer: Donald Trump Has the Right Energy Policies for North Dakota

During the  2008 presidential election,  Mr. Obama made clear his intentions to bankrupt the coal industry.  During the past eight years in office, the President has systematically implemented a regulatory playbook that seeks to force utilities to stop burning coal, keep coal producers from mining, and restrict access to global coal markets.  All to achieve