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Legislators Who Work For The University System Allowed To Double Dip And Take Liberties With Vacation Time

Legislators Who Work For The University System Allowed To Double Dip And Take Liberties With Vacation Time

Previously, SAB reported Senator Tony Grindberg (R-Fargo) had collected more than his employment agreement authorized as the head of the NDSU Technology and Research Park while serving in the state leigslature. Now I can shed some light on other legislators who are allowed to double-dip on their higher ed pay while serving in the legislature.

Is Housing Discrimination Really A Problem For Homosexuals?

Over the weekend, in reading reports about Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s decision to support gay marriage (made, conveniently, after election day) I saw where Senator Heitkamp claimed that concern over discrimination was a big part of her motivation. Earlier this year we had a debate in the state legislature over adding homosexuals as a protected class

The Size Of North Dakota's Workforce Has Increased 31% Since 2000

At the national level we’re not making a lot of headway on the economy, but the national unemployment rate keeps edging down because the national workforce is shrinking. And it’s shrinking because so many people are leaving it, giving up looking for work altogether. The exact opposite is true here in North Dakota. Not only

Teddy Roosevelt's Descendent Says Slow Down North Dakota's Oil Boom

Winthrop Roosevelt, the great-great-grandson of former President Theodore Roosevelt, has partnered with Bismarck Tribune columnist/environmental activist Clay Jenkinson as well as the George Soros-funded Center for American Progress to produce a video trashing North Dakota’s oil boom (see below). To go along with it, Roosevelt has also published a column in The Daily Beast in

Guest Post: North Dakota's Overbuilt Hotel Industry A Separate Conversation From Permanent Housing

Recently, I read an article on SayAnythingBlog.com that was full of consternation over whether North Dakota is inflating its own “housing bubble” via the Housing Incentive Fund (HIF). The article cited a story about the number of hotels in Minot and worried that supply for all types of housing would soon outstrip demand. North Dakota

North Dakota Flag

North Dakota, The Economic Miracle State

The fact that North Dakota has roaring economy, driven by oil production in the state, isn’t news. Especially not to those of us actually living in North Dakota who are living with the oil boom, and know that it’s a complex issue that’s not always 100% positive. But it’s still fun to marvel at some

Even As Unemployment Rate Falls, Americans Still Not Going Back To Work

The unemployment rate fell slightly today, and superficially that’s good politically for President Obama and Democrats. In terms of what’s actually happening in the labor markets, however, it’s not such great news. We still have a major gap between reality and what President Obama promised in his stimulus plan: The labor force participation rate continues

If Businesses Or Landlords Are Discriminating Against Gays, Why Not Name Names?

The North Dakota Senate voted down a bill which would have added gays to a list of protected classes (races, genders, religious affiliations, etc.) under state law. Now activists in Grand Forks are going to ask the city council there to pass a local version of the law. I find these sort of efforts a

Dalrymple Backing Medicaid Expansion Is An Act Of Political Cowardice

Writing for the Washington Examiner, Shikha Dalmia tries to explain why Republican governors like North Dakota’s Jack Dalrymple are pushing for an expansion of Medicaid. Governor Dalrymple has referenced the “no cost” federal dollars which would fund the expansion (which forgets that we are all federal taxpayers too), but Dalmia suggests that it’s more than

If President Obama Wants To Create Jobs He Should Support The National Right To Work Act

Tonight during his State of the Union address, President Obama will be talking about jobs and the economy. If he’s serious about that, he should back Senator Rand Paul’s National Right To Work Act which would “the current provisions in federal labor law that authorize compulsory union dues and fee payments as a condition of