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Republican Obsession With the “Caravan” Was as Obnoxious as the Democrats Claiming Voter Suppression in North Dakota

Republican Obsession With the “Caravan” Was as Obnoxious as the Democrats Claiming Voter Suppression in North Dakota

Turn on Fox News in the days since the election and a story, given much attention in the days leading up to the election, seems to be missing. I’m talking about the “caravan” story. The fear that a veritable army of migrants was making its way through Mexico to invade our country was used to

Let’s All Be Glad This Is Al Jaeger’s Last Term

Secretary of State Al Jaeger survived what was a roller coaster election and will continue in the office he’s held since the early 1990’s for four more years. He’s now saying this will definitely be his last term. “I feel so blessed,” he told Patrick Springer. “This will be my last term,” he added. Jaeger

Heidi Heitkamp Still Hasn’t Called Kevin Cramer and That’s Kind of Sad

At a post-election press conference yesterday Senator-elect Kevin Cramer, when talking about his impending transition into his new job, mentioned that erstwhile Senator Heidi Heitkamp hadn’t called him despite having conceded the race. Cramer played it off as no big deal: He also said he and Heitkamp have not yet spoken, though he said he’s

Podcast: Cramer Says He Wants to Focus on Marijuana Policy Immediately, Armstrong Says He’ll “Fight” Trump Impeachment Efforts

“I want to start on that immediately.” That’s what Senator-elect Kevin Cramer said on my radio show today when asked by a listener if he’d keep a campaign promise to address federal policy with regard to marijuana. Cramer has said consistently that he’d like to move the issue out of the sphere of federal policy

Heidi Heitkamp Spent Over $111 Per Vote to Lose by 11 Percentage Points

It is a deep irony that, in an election where North Dakota voters approved an ethics ballot measure supposedly motivated by the desire to get the influence of “big money” out of politics, lame duck Senator Heidi Heitkamp spent more than $100 per vote on her unsuccessful campaign. According to OpenSecrets.org, through October 17 the

Despite Claims of Voter Suppression, North Dakota’s Native Americans Got Out the Vote in a Big Away

In what I consider to have been a partisan, cynical ploy to drive turnout, Democrats and left wing activist groups spent the last several weeks of the election cycle here in North Dakota claiming that our state’s voter ID laws were calculated to suppress Native American votes. The problem? There’s no evidence this happened. I

Podcast: Kevin Cramer, Eric Trump, Kelly Armstrong, Tom Emmer

On the radio show today, Congressman Kevin Cramer took calls and questions during his last appearance on the show before election day. Eric Trump made the case for sending Republican majorities back to Congress to support his father’s agenda. Also North Dakota and Minnesota U.S. House candidates Kelly Armstrong and Tom Emmer talked about their