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Pro-Obamacare Lawsuit, Filed by North Dakota Democrats as a Campaign Gambit, Smacked Down by Judge

Pro-Obamacare Lawsuit, Filed by North Dakota Democrats as a Campaign Gambit, Smacked Down by Judge

When it’s an election year in North Dakota we know at some point left wing interests will probably file some frivolous lawsuit to manufacture headlines, and that invariably these lawsuits will fail on their merits once the election is over. The most notorious example is from the 2012 cycle when the Dakota Resource Council and

Senator Heidi Heitkamp: “I Think I’m Done With Electoral Politics”

After losing big on election day to Republican Kevin Cramer, many wondered what the future might hold for outgoing Senator Heidi Heitkamp. North Dakota Democrats have struggled mightily to recruit candidates for some time now. In fact, the only Democrat to win in the statewide ballot in North Dakota since 2008 is Heitkamp, who was

These Are the Changes Lawmakers Will Have to Make to Comply With Measure 1

Despite it being a terrible (and blatantly unconstitutional, in many regards) proposal, North Dakota voters approved Measure 1 in the election last week. I believe the measure should be immediately challenged in court, but probably before that can happen the Legislature has some work to do.  Because in many areas the ballot measure’s language requires

North Dakotans Vote Down Recreational Marijuana but Re-Elect Drunk Drivers

This letter to the Fargo Forum from Aaron Forde, reacting to my post yesterday about the forgiving attitude North Dakota voters seem to have for politicians who behave irresponsibly with alcohol, makes a lot of sense. Forde points out that, even as North Dakota voters cast their ballots for drunk drivers on the statewide and local

The Heitkamps Think They’re Entitled to Deference, and That’s Exactly Why They Shouldn’t Hold Power

If Senator Heidi Heitkamp had won re-election last week and some Republican took to the internet to complain about how Kevin Cramer might have won instead had the incumbent reined in her talk radio host brother I think Democrats would have had a good laugh. As well they should. Whining about that sort of thing

Does North Dakota Really Need Democrats?

The Fargo Forum editorial on Sunday argues North Dakota needs more partisan balance. “No political party, no matter how successful at the ballot box, has a monopoly on good ideas,” they argue. “Public policy benefits when it results from robust debate and clashing viewpoints are melded, incorporating the best ideas from competing sides.” I agree! The

North Dakota Voters Are Very Forgiving of Politicians Who Struggle With Alcohol

Here’s a wild story out of Walsh County (a rural community north of Grand Forks). Shortly before election day, on November 2nd, Walsh County Commissioner Ernest George Barta was arrested for DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. The details: The Record reports that officers had been on the lookout for a vehicle that

Print Column: Measure 1 Should Be Challenged in Court Immediately

MINOT, N.D. — Measure 1, approved by 54 percent of North Dakota voters this last week, is a clear example of the deep flaws in legislating at the ballot box. I don’t blame busy voters, inundated with messaging from a myriad of campaigns, for approving the measure. Most of them probably heard little about it

Someone Should Tell the North Dakota Democrats the First Native American Woman to Serve in the Legislature Was a Republican

After yet another shellacking at the ballot box, North Dakota Democrats are in the middle of their traditional “find the silver lining” exercise. And, as usual, they’re focusing on a couple of victories in legislative races they managed to put up. Victories which do very little to change the ideological makeup of the legislative body,

We Should Pay More Attention to Local Journalists, and Less to National Media Outlets

Conservative columnist Eric Erickson makes an insightful point in this piece where he argues, using the Georgia gubernatorial race as a starting point, that local journalists are better at getting stories right than national journalists. I work for a local media company, which employs a lot of local journalists, so maybe I’m just biased in