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Ed Schafer On Doug Burgum: "I Think His Campaign Is Awful"

Ed Schafer On Doug Burgum: "I Think His Campaign Is Awful"

This afternoon, while guest hosting for Jay Thomas on AM 970 WDAY, I had former Governor Ed Schafer on as a guest to discuss his endorsement of Fargo businessman Doug Burgum in the NDGOP gubernatorial primary. You can listen to the full interview below. I started the conversation by expressing to Ed my (by now

There Isn't A Thing Wrong With UND Interim President Ed Schafer Endorsing Doug Burgum

Yesterday Ed Schafer – former Governor and current interim President of the University of North Dakota – made a video for the Doug Burgum campaign endorsing the Republican gubernatorial candidate. Today the Fargo Forum ripped Schafer, calling his endorsement inappropriate because it broke an unwritten rule about university presidents steering clear of politics. “Schafer didn’t break

Ed Schafer Saying He'll Vote For Doug Burgum Is A Big Deal

Ed Schafer – a former governor of our great state and current University of North Dakota interim President – hinted previously in a talk radio interview that he was leaning towards supporting Fargo businessman Doug Burgum over Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem in the NDGOP’s gubernatorial primary. Yesterday he confirmed it definitively to the Grand Forks Herald.

Former Governor Ed Schafer Says He's "Leaning Toward" Voting For Doug Burgum

The North Dakota Republican Party’s gubernatorial primary has been a pitched battle between Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem and Fargo businessman Doug Burugm. It’s a race that in a lot of ways has divided Republicans in the state. So which side is former Governor, and current President of the University of North Dakota, Ed Schafer on?

Can Someone Tell Me How NDSU President Dean Bresciani Is Still Employed?

Back in April columnist Mike McFeely was busy gloating about the controversy over aggressive budget reforms being pushed at the University of North Dakota by interim president Ed Schafer. “NDSU and the other schools, apparently, were in far better shape financially to weather a cut while UND’s budget was a trainwreck, thanks to now-departed president

Sports Fans Are Not A University's Constituents

Last week Grand Forks Herald sports reporter Brad Schlossman threw some shade at University of North Dakota President Ed Schafer over his handling of cuts to the school’s athletic programs. “The UND President’s Office botched the cutting of the baseball team, resulting in weeks of controversy and negative headlines,” he wrote. UND had a budget shortfall

North Dakota Shouldn't Be Using A Boom-Era Budget As Baseline For A Post-Boom Budget

Yesterday Governor Jack Dalrymple set budget guidelines for state agencies asking them to come in at 10 percent less than their budgets for the current 2015-2017 biennium. Though really what Dalrymple is ordering is a 5.96 percent reduction. State agencies are already reducing their budgets from what was appropriated by 4.04 percent to comply with

So We Shouldn't Build A Refinery Because Someone Had Their Ashes Spread Nearby?

“Refinery in view of Sheila Schafer’s resting place,” reads the headline from Lauren Donovan in the Bismarck Tribune. Sheila Schafer, for those of you who are unaware, was a long-time booster for Medora-area tourism (and stepmother to former Governor Ed Schafer). Her ashes were spread on top of Buck Hill, a popular spot in the Theodore Roosevelt

"The university system must begin squeezing more bang out of every buck"

With North Dakota’s post-oil boom revenues falling (though still coming in much higher than just a few years ago) state leaders are being forced to look at spending cuts for the first time in a long time. Had these leaders not increased spending quite so fast during the oil boom years the present budget unpleasantness

Whoa: Ed Schafer Announces That UND Will Be Cutting 138 Staff Positions, Mostly Non-Faculty

Lately former governor and current UND President Ed Schafer has been getting criticism for his budget reform efforts at his institution. Most of the complaints seem centered around the fact that Schafer is the interim president, yet is making some deep and systemic changes to the school’s budgets. Yesterday, ahead of a meeting today, the