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North Dakotans Get Mixed Messages About Privacy From Drones

North Dakotans Get Mixed Messages About Privacy From Drones

Late last month I wrote an article for WatchDog.org about the development of the drone industry in North Dakota and the privacy concerns surrounding it. For that article I interviewed Rep. Rick Becker, a Bismarck Republican, who saw legislation he proposed last year get steamrolled by concerns that it might hinder North Dakota’s bid to

In Defense Of Doing Nothing

Earlier today I caught this tweet, re-tweeted on North Dakota Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley’s always amusing Twitter feed, and it provided impetus for something I’ve been wanting to write about for a while. Not because I wanted to pick on the tweeter, or Wrigley, for posting it, but because I think it would be healthier for

Drones In North Dakota Make Big Headlines After Conviction

Farmer Rodney Brossart, whose case made big national headlines when the Nelson County Sheriff called in a US Border Patrol drone to help with his arrest, was convicted recently. Not for the original crime of cattle rustling which brought law enforcement to his doorstep but rather for his standoff with the cops. The conviction, like

Summer Trips For North Dakota Politicians: Legitimate Official Business, Or Expenses-Paid Vacations?

It’s summer time, and for most American families that means vacation time. The weather is warm, the kids are out of school, and it’s time for some travel. Even for our political leaders, it seems, who have taken a number of trips to exotic locations with the tab picked up by the taxpayer and/or special

Video: Debate Over Anti-Abortion Bill Gets Testy In North Dakota Senate

Yesterday SAB had a post up about the anti-abortion bills which passed in the state Senate, but I thought it would be instructive to show you readers some video of the rather testy (by the muted standards of the North Dakota state legislature) debate surrounding the measure. Senator Margaret Sitte (R-Bismarck) (who was herself targeted

UPDATE: Senate Passes Two Anti-Abortion Bills, Mathern Amendment Backfires

The ND State Senate passed two anti-abortion bills in floor session on Monday. SB 2368 would forbid abortions with limited exceptions after 20 weeks of gestation, which is the timeframe at which a fetus can feel pain. The bill passed 30-17. UPDATE: Votes for SB 2368 were as follows: YEAS: (R) Andrist; Armstrong; Berry; Bowman;

ND Senate Set to Decide on 4 Key Abortion Bills

The stage was set today for what will most likely be some very interesting debate tomorrow on four Senate Bills regarding abortion in North Dakota. Consideration of amendments were heard for the following bills: SB 2305, which if passed will require any doctor performing an abortion in the state to be licensed in North Dakota,

The Outdoor Heritage Fund Is A Bad Idea

I have a column in today’s Grand Forks Herald (also published in the Ashley Tribune, the Barnes County Independent, the Bowman County Pioneer and the North Dakota Free Press) about the proposed Outdoor Heritage Fund which would divert a portion of the state’s oil tax revenues into a fund for conservation. An excerpt: Conservation is