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John Andrist: The Difference Between Verbiage And Leadership

John Andrist: The Difference Between Verbiage And Leadership

It was somewhat of a surprise for me to discover how much I enjoyed the  presidential debate last week. I’ve always believed there is a danger in relying on the words of candidates. They are meant to win us over, not necessarily to explain positions. The thought of being “sucked in” by the rhetoric, makes

Matt Evans: The Republican Demographic Apocalypse

Immigrants and immigration have been in the news for a long time, but recently, there has been increased focus, both locally and on the national stage.  Locally, we were treated to the controversy around the refugee resettlements happening in the Fargo area, orchestrated by Lutheran Social Services.  There was an outpouring of local sentiment ranging

Rod St. Aubyn: Will Bumps Dump Trump?

Donald Trump’s campaign for the Republican nomination for president has hit several bumps this past week. In the first Republican Presidential Debate hosted by Fox News, when asked if the candidates would commit to supporting the winning Republican endorsed candidate and not run as an independent, Donald Trump refused to make that commitment. This announcement

Why I'm Not Even Going To Bother With Tonight's GOP Presidential Debate

Tonight Fox News will air a very, very early debate in the 2016 presidential race featuring the GOP’s ridiculously bloated slate of candidates. I’m not even going to watch, for two specific reasons. First, I don’t think this debate matters. Unless some candidate shows up drunk and streaks the stage, or accidentally commits an act

The Media Loves Trump Because He's Great For Ratings And Bad For Republicans

I have been thoroughly confused by the conservative obsession with Donald Trump. That is until I read this excellent piece in the Washington Examiner by Daniel Allott which provides the most plausible explanation for the cult of the Donald I’ve read to date. The Donald is benefiting from the fact that some conservatives are desperate to have

James Kerian: It Is Too Early For The Polls (Or The Trump Bump) To Matter At All

In previous columns I have mentioned the unfortunate tendency of many Americans to treat politics like a spectator sport.  A perfect example of this type of confusion is all of the fascination (or hyperventilation) about the Trump bump, Donald Trump’s recent ascendency in the polls.  I’m not just talking about the fact that Trump is more

Enough With The Fox News Celebrities Running For President

Given that I write about politics for a living my friends and family are often keen to ask me what I think of how the presidential race is shaping up. Can Hillary Clinton win? Who will Republicans pick from among their ever-growing cast of potential candidates? They’re often surprised to hear me express ambivalence about