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Oil Impacts Are No Excuse For Bungled Arson Case In Dickinson

Oil Impacts Are No Excuse For Bungled Arson Case In Dickinson

“Police work is difficult, but more so in western North Dakota.” That’s the lead-in for a Dickinson Press article over the weekend regarding the bungled investigation into a fire set at Trinity High School in Dickinson. The editorial seems to want to give a pass to the local officials who lead the investigation because of

Someone Tell Heidi Heitkamp: Effective Minimum Wage In Oil Patch Community Is $14 Per Hour

A couple of weeks ago a photo taken by University of Michigan Professor Mark Perry of Walmart job listings in Williston, North Dakota, went viral on the internet as the lowest offered was $17.20 per hour. Now comes news that in another of North Dakota’s oil patch communities, the minimum wage is effectively $14 per

Local Officials Deserve Some Blame For High Rents In Oil Patch

Since it’s an election year, it’s time for an endless flood of negative stories about North Dakota’s oil patch. One of the most high-profile stories of late is this one from the Associated Press about rents in Williston rivaling those in urban places like Manhattan and Los Angeles: A 700-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment in Williston costs