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David Flynn: "Fair" Is A Four Letter Word

David Flynn: "Fair" Is A Four Letter Word

I get a significant number of questions about markets and market interventions when I am on the radio. Part of this is due to the economic circumstances in North Dakota where significant growth is creating social tensions and frictions. Another key ingredient is the financial resources available to the state. Tax collections continue to do

David Flynn: Federal "Beige Book" Shows Problems In The Agriculture Sector

For those that do not know, “beige book” is the name of the Fed’s regional condition summary (available here). The Ninth District summary (which includes North Dakota) concludes that economic performance is mixed. Strength came from manufacturing, energy and mining, consumers, and a few others. The weaker sectors included construction, farming and real estate. Now that summary

David Flynn Column: Higher Energy Prices Good For North Dakota, Bad For The Economy

The shale oil expansion began in North Dakota, and the expansion of oil output in the U.S. has been nothing short of revolutionary. However, I think it is time to recognize that the fanciful notion of “energy independence” is less and less likely to happen, if it ever really had a chance. We are surely

Flynn Column: Number Employed In Williston Now Rivals Grand Forks

The big story for North Dakota is not just about oil in western North Dakota, it is about the adjustments to the underlying economic dynamics in the state. Consider the situation of labor markets in two North Dakota cities, Williston and Grand Forks. These data are for the Williston micropolitan area and the Grand Forks