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North Dakota's Common Core Debate Gets Ugly

North Dakota's Common Core Debate Gets Ugly

Advocates looking to stop common core in North Dakota recently invited Dr. Duke Pesta, a homeschooling advocate, to the state to talk about the issue. Update: Superintendent Baesler called me this evening to say that her office has not sent out anything critical of Pesta from DPI and that her department deals with facts and

Steve Cates Column: Chamber Of Commerce Meeting On Common Core Disappoints

The meeting held in Bismarck on the evening of March 27th was claimed by the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce (Chamber) to be to discuss the “facts and fallacies of Common Core” according to their meeting announcement. How accurate is this claim? In town halls, school board meetings, and a majority of open informational meetings the public

It's Time To Set Aside Conspiracy Theories And Get Serious In The Common Core Debate

If I had to name one criticism I got consistently from readers this year (aside from the hate mail I get simply for being a conservative) is that I haven’t spent enough time focusing on the Common Core education standards. And that’s fair. I haven’t written much about Common Core, mostly because I haven’t been