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Common Core Opponents Lose Again, This Time On Testing Opt-Out Bill

Common Core Opponents Lose Again, This Time On Testing Opt-Out Bill

Earlier this legislative session the opponents of Common Core education standards were dealt a blow when lawmakers defeated a bill withdrawing the state from those standards and setting up a mechanism through which they would be replaced with new standards created by the state. After that loss Common Core opponents hung their hopes on HB1283

ND Senate Gives Common Core Testing Opt Out Bill The "Hog House" Treatment

In the parlance of the North Dakota Legislature, a “hog house” amendment is a change to a bill that completely replaces the original text of the bill. Basically, it’s lawmakers taking an existing bill and turning it into something else entirely. That’s what happened to HB1283 today. It passed the state House as a bill

Congressman Kevin Cramer Posts His Kid's "Common Core" Math Homework Again

A few days ago North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer posted his son Abel’s “Common Core” math homework on Twitter, criticizing the method being used to teach subtraction. Now he’s back again, this time on Facebook. Post by Congressman Kevin Cramer. Here’s the thing about the Common Core debate, or any debate over teaching methods in

Rep. Kevin Cramer Not Pleased With His Son's Common Core Math Homework

Even though North Dakota’s state legislators have had a robust debate over controversial Common Core education standards the state’s federal delegation has largely stayed silent on the issue. But it seems that Rep. Kevin Cramer is entirely happy with the standards. He tweeted out a picture of his son’s math homework seeming to argue that

Matt Evans: Anti-Common Core Activists Should Take Heart In What They've Accomplished

HB1461, the repeal of common core in ND, has failed. The first thing I’d like you to do is watch the video of the floor speeches immediately before the vote on HB1461. It’s a long video.  You only need to watch the first two representatives – Schreiber-Beck and Olson. The first speaker – the bill

After Hours With Senator Joe Miller: Governor Must Lead On Higher Education

During the legislative session I will be interviewing lawmakers for a series of posts here on SAB. In my inaugural interview, I sat down to discuss several issues with Senator Joe Miller (R-Park River) on Friday, February 6. During our conversation Senator Miller well spoken on farming legislation, but as the drama continues in Higher Education, Miller was