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North Dakota Democrats May Be Regretting Bold Candidate Recruitment Talk

North Dakota Democrats May Be Regretting Bold Candidate Recruitment Talk

North Dakota Democrats may be regretting some of their bold talk about candidate recruitment from back in October. “We already know that almost everyone is disgusted with Congress today,” Dem party Chairman Bob Valeu┬ásaid in an email blast sent out to party faithful just before Halloween. “And most North Dakotans know that we deserve better

Another Week Goes By, And Still No House Candidate For North Dakota Dems

In the 2012 election cycle North Dakota Democrats had a House and a Senate candidate in the race by the beginning of November. Two months past that date in the 2014 election cycle, and Democrats still haven’t found a House candidate. I wrote in my newspaper column before the holidays that Kevin Cramer’s Christmas gift

Minnesota Democrat Says North Dakota Democrat Attack On Kevin Cramer Is Inaccurate

Last night Valley News Live’s Chris Berg interviewed Minnesota Congressman Collin Peterson at a farm bill forum he held alongside North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer. During the interview, Berg asked Rep. Peterson about claims North Dakota Democrats have made about Rep. Cramer and the farm bill. According to the Minot Daily News, ND Democrat Executive

Democrats: Kevin Cramer Isn't Hypocritical Enough To Be Like Kent Conrad

Rep. Kevin Cramer held a forum in Minot yesterday and got asked about budget matters. Rep. Cramer told citizens there that he actually agrees with some things former Senator Kent Conrad has said about entitlement reform: “The person that I have listened to, who has been most right on point, has been former senator Kent

ND Democrats Use Martin Luther King Day To Rail Against Tax Relief

And this is why Democrats are on the political fringe in North Dakota (click for a larger view): It’s always class war, all the time with these people. We can’t have a reasoned debate about the state’s tax code as it relates to the oil industry because BIG OIL IS EVIL AND STUFF, CLICK HERE