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Dustin Gawrylow: Special Session Finishes Kicking the Can Down the Road

Dustin Gawrylow: Special Session Finishes Kicking the Can Down the Road

This week’s special session was intended to be dull and boring with few surprises allowed to happen. Sure, there was the typical Democratic complaints that the cuts went too far. Democrats actually had a point about Republicans foolishly refusing to find a way to shift $29 million back to human services in order to receive

North Dakota Lawmakers Have Got to Fix the Revenue Forecasting Problem

Here’s something a lot of people – even those who follow politics in North Dakota closely – don’t understand about our state’s budgeting process. When lawmakers make a budget they aren’t spending money the state has. It’s not like the appropriations they make are drawn on a gigantic state checking account which runs a balance.

Democrats Offer “Responsible Alternative” to Special Session Bill They Haven’t Even Seen Yet

The Democrats have announced that they will be announcing a “reasonable alternative” to the Republican plan for the special session Governor Jack Dalrymple called next month. That would be a “reasonable alternative” to something the Republicans haven’t even made public yet. If you needed evidence that North Dakota’s thoroughly-marginalized and mostly irrelevant Democrats are interested

Governor Jack Dalrymple on Why He Didn’t Call a Special Session Sooner: “Because We Didn’t Have To”

Yesterday while sitting in for Jay Thomas on WDAY AM970 I interviewed Governor Jack Dalrymple about his announcement earlier in the week calling for a special session. The full audio is below. My first question was why he didn’t call for one earlier in the year. “Well, because we didn’t have to,” he responded. “I’ve

North Dakota Democrats Spread Wildly Inaccurate Information About Oil Tax Collections

Yesterday Governor Jack Dalrymple announced that he would be calling state lawmakers back to Bismarck for a special session to run from August 2-4. This move has prompted a lot of criticism of Republican handling of budget issues, some of it fair and some of it not so fair. One consistent talking point I’ve heard

To Ease Budget Pain North Dakota Lawmakers Should Shut Down BreatheND

This afternoon Governor Jack Dalrymple is expected to call lawmakers back to Bismarck to address revenue shortfalls in the state budget. This is an extraordinary step demonstrative of the extraordinary fiscal position the state finds itself in. During the special session lawmakers will do some re-jiggering in the budget to get the state through the

Doug Burgum Shows up in Bismarck for Budget Section Meeting

Good job, Doug Burgum. I’m serious. I am impressed that the Republican gubernatorial nominee turned up in Bismarck for a meeting of the Legislature’s budget section. He certainly caused quite a stir with lawmakers who have been texting me about it this morning. You can see him at right speaking with NDUS Chancellor Mark Hagerott

Governor Jack Dalrymple Should Have Called for a Special Session

Governor Jack Dalrymple needs to do two things to begin addressing falling post-oil boom tax revenues which just can’t seem to find rock bottom. First, we need to start the process of finding a better forecaster for state revenues than Moody’s Analytics. That company, which¬†produces the revenue forecasts¬†which are used for budgeting, couldn’t get state

North Dakota General Fund Revenues Down More Than A Quarter Billion

A new general fund revenue report is out from the Office of Management and Budget. First, some good news. Oil tax revenues exceeded expectations in May. “Actual revenue numbers just released by the Tax Department show May oil tax revenues exceeding estimates by $23.3 million. Oil tax revenue collections from February through April 2016 also

North Dakota Shouldn't Be Using A Boom-Era Budget As Baseline For A Post-Boom Budget

Yesterday Governor Jack Dalrymple set budget guidelines for state agencies asking them to come in at 10 percent less than their budgets for the current 2015-2017 biennium. Though really what Dalrymple is ordering is a 5.96 percent reduction. State agencies are already reducing their budgets from what was appropriated by 4.04 percent to comply with