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Fargo Forum Editor Is Glad Western North Dakotans Have Crappy Cell Phone Service

Fargo Forum Editor Is Glad Western North Dakotans Have Crappy Cell Phone Service

One of the most irritating things about the debate in North Dakota over the rapid industrial, social and economic development of western North Dakota is the complaining about people who would rather it stay a desolate, sparsely-populated wasteland because they think that sort of thing is quaint. One of the worst offenders in this regard

Good News: There Might Not Be An Entourage Movie If We Keep Fracking

Cheaper energy. Lower carbon emissions. Declining rates of unwanted pregnancies. Now choking off publicity for stupid, navel-gazing Hollywood movies. Is there anything fracking can’t do? “Entourage” actor Adrian Grenier cohosted a celebrity–filled reception on April 19 at the ABC Carpet & Home Showroom in Manhattan’s Flatiron District. Susan Sarandon was in attendance and the event

Stupid: Williams-Sonoma Stops Selling Pressure Cookers in Massachusetts After Boston Bombing

The bomb used at the Boston Marathon was a “pressure cooker bomb,” a form of improvised explosive device used routinely in the middle east according to reports. So now, Williams-Sonoma isn’t going to ship any more of their pressure cookers to Massachussets. Because only terrorists use pressure cookers? Following the Boston Marathon bombing last Monday

Joel Heitkamp's "Expansion" Plans Over Before They Started

Earlier this week liberal talk radio host Joel Heitkamp attempted to preempt news that he was being yanked off his western North Dakota affiliates with news of his own. Specifically that he was “expanding” his show to a second radio station broadcasting in the Fargo region. Unfortunately, that idea didn’t last long. As I posted

Joel Heitkamp Made Big Mistake In Announcing Supposed "Expansion" To New Station

In what was clearly a vain effort to try and spin news that he was losing western radio affiliates in Minot (KCJB) and Bismarck (KFYR), liberal talker Joel Heitkamp announced a plan to “expand” his show to Fargo-based AM740. That station is owned by the same company as KFGO, which is where Heitkamp’s show is

Joel Heitkamp/KFGO "Expansion" Plans Not Exactly Popular With Fargo Sports Fans

Earlier today news broke that liberal talk radio hosts Joel Heitkamp and Mike McFeely were loosing their statewide syndication deals. In a humorous attempt to spin the move and save face, KFGO preempted Heitkamp and McFeely’s drop from the KFYR network by announcing that Heitkamp would be simulcasting his show on 740AM (owned by the

NCAA Still Using Controversial UND Fighting Sioux Logo

A reader sends in this picture of the NCAA Regional Hockey Tournament program, which not only gets the university name wrong (it’s University of North Dakota) it also features the controversial Fighting Sioux logo: After sanctimoniously declaring the logo “hostile and abusive” and pushing the State of North Dakota into a protracted legal and political

Michael Moore: "Fear And Racism" Is Why Americans Like Guns

I’ll stipulate to the idea that “fear” is why a lot of Americans want guns. We do, and should, have a certain level of fear for those who might do us wrong. But racism? If gun rights proponents are so racist, then why do they want gun rights for blacks and Hispanics and other minorities