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Bob Valeu Column: North Dakota Voters At Risk Of Losing Their Right To Vote

Bob Valeu Column: North Dakota Voters At Risk Of Losing Their Right To Vote

Recent local special elections demonstrate that the new voter ID law is fundamentally flawed and is disenfranchising specific groups of voters. The Republican Supermajority in the 2013 State Legislative Session passed a new voter ID law that is one of the most egregious laws in the nation by eliminating the fail-safe option of voting by

Lawsuit To Remove North Dakota Governor Doesn't Get Any Less Silly After Reading

Yesterday I wrote about a lawsuit filed by erstwhile gubernatorial candidate Paul Sorum demanding that over 309,000 ballots cast for Republican Jack Dalrymple and Democrat Ryan Taylor – representing 97 percent of all ballots – be tossed out because the Certificate of Endorsement form for those candidates wasn’t filled out correctly. Today I’ve obtained the

Can A Lawsuit Make A Man Who Got Less Than 2% Of The Vote Governor Of North Dakota?

In the 2012 election, Governor Jack Dalrymple and Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley received 200,526 votes representing 63.1 percent of all ballots cast. Paul Sorum, gubernatorial candidate who lost the NDGOP endorsement to Dalrymple then ran on the general election ballot as an independent, got 5,356 votes or 1.69 percent of all ballots cast. Now, 477

North Dakota Republicans Stuck Campaigning Against A Vacuum

Yesterday I wrote about the North Dakota Republican Party’s fundraising difficulties. An elected Republican called me about the post and made an interesting point. “How do you fundraise when you’re running against a vacuum?” That’s a good point, and a commenter on my post yesterday made the same point: lets say you are a fundraiser

The North Dakota Taxpayers Now Own Lawrence Welk's Home

According to reports, the State Historical Society Board narrowly approved the purchase of Lawrence Welk’s homestead. State Historical Society Board votes 6-5 to buy Lawrence Welk homestead this morning.@SarahGustin2 @KXMB #kxnews — Tom Gerhardt (@bistom) January 10, 2014 Last year the state legislature approved $100,000 for the purchase. Since then an assessment by state officials

Nearly Seven Months After Election, One ND County Found To Have More Votes Than Voters

An error apparently due to a hand-counting error, one that wasn’t caught by state authorities but rather the federal courts, saw one North Dakota counting 300 more votes than there were voters in the county according to the Grand Forks Herald. BISMARCK — More than six months after North Dakotans voted in the November general

Legislature Considering Bill To Toughen Petition Fraud Penalty, Also Considering Resolution To Honor Petition Fraudsters

There is a heavy vibe of irony coming from the ND legislature this week. Yesterday I wrote about a resolution being introduced to honor the NDSU bison football team, ten members of which (including four starters) were convicted for filing fraudulent petition signatures, something that subsequently derailed two initiated measure campaigns costing organizers hundreds of