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64th Legislative Assembly: Week 7 Highlights- State Sovereignty, Student Free Speech, Separation of Powers, and Autonomous Vehicles

64th Legislative Assembly: Week 7 Highlights- State Sovereignty, Student Free Speech, Separation of Powers, and Autonomous Vehicles

Monday, February 16th marks the start of week 7 of the session. Monday is a bit of a slow day for hearings starting off a slow week, which is probably a good thing after the Common Core and Tobacco floor battles last week. The only somewhat interesting one is HCR 3022. This resolution, if passed, would put

64th Legislative Assembly: Week 6 Highlights- Child Datamining, More State Health Exchange Studies, and Filling US House and Senate Vacancies

Week 6 of the 64th Legislative Assembly kicks off on Monday, February 9th. Below are just a few of the bills we are keeping an eye on this week. Monday, February 9th Datamining of Student Information House Education Pioneer 9:00am The past couple of weeks I have written about how Common Core (and HB 1461

64th Legislative Assembly: Week 5 Highlights- Medical Marijuana, Drones, Residency of Legislators, Constitutional Conventions, and Provisional Ballots

On Sunday we featured activities happening in the Legislature during Week 5 which start on Monday. We cover the rest of the week’s highlights below. Tuesday, February 3rd Tuesday actually looks like a pretty light day from our perspective, and probably necessarily so based on the intense debate which we anticipate will surround Common Core on Monday. Here

64th Legislative Assembly: Week 5 Highlights Monday Sneak Preview- Common Core and other things K-12, State-based Health Care exchanges

Week 5 of the 64th Legislative Assembly kicks off Monday, and the battle for the hearts and minds (literally) of our kids will be front and center as Common Core and other related topics are the highlight. Since these hearings begin right away, we wanted to kick out a sneak preview of our weekly post

64th Legislative Assembly: Week 4 Highlights- DUI Checkpoints, Taxes, Guns in Schools, Common Core Testing, Voter ID, Governor's Mansion, and Annual Sessions

Monday starts week 4 of the 64th Legislative Assembly, and by this Friday close to 24% of the Constitutionally-authorized 80 days will have passed. More importantly, they are roughly at the halfway mark before crossover. The House has introduced 474 bills and 18 resolutions. They have passed 69 and five (respectively), failed 11 and one,

64th Legislative Assembly- Week 3 Highlights

Welcome to Week 3 of the 64th Legislative Assembly. This is the second installment of a weekly feature we are trying on SAB, which seeks to highlight the activities of the Legislature this week as well as any which may be occurring because of their biennial meeting (e.g. Converge on the Capital from last week).

64th Legislative Assembly- Week 2 Highlights

This is the first installment we are trying out on SAB this legislative session where we will highlight (at least in our opinion) the scheduled activities of the legislature (or occurring because of it) for the week ahead. Most highlights will focus on committee meetings for bills we are keeping an eye on, although they

LegitSlater: Will the Real Republican Legislators Please Stand Up?

If you haven’t yet noticed, the Legislature is back in session in Bismarck. Not a real session, mind you, but rather one where they learn how to actually legislate (or in the case of most, learn how to do it again in case they forgot). This week marks the beginning of the 64th Legislative Assembly