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On Television: Early Childhood Education Or Daycare?

On Television: Early Childhood Education Or Daycare?

On my weekly segment with Chris Berg last night on 6:30 Point of View we talked about the vote on the early childhood education bill yesterday in the House. Supporters of the bill keep dressing it up as academics – and they’re winning, because the bill passed though with diminished scope – but it’s hard

On Television: Baesler, Tschosik, And Pro-Life Groups In Fargo Public Schools

Chris Berg asked me to participate in his weekly roundtable discussion on Valley News Live’s 6:30 Point of View program this evening alongside Scott Hennen and Ian Godfrey. You can watch segment one above. You can watch segments two, three, and four here, here, and here respectively. We talked about my post regarding today’s Fargo

On Television: Heidi Heitkamp Tries To Bully The Media Again

My segment last night with Chris Berg on Valley News Live’s 6:30 Point of View program began with some comments from VNL reporter Bradford Arick. Arick described a phone call he got from U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s office complaining about some questions he asked during the Heitkamp-guided visit by embattled Department of Homeland Security official

On Television: The North Dakota National Guard Is Not Racist

I had a good time on television last night with Chris Berg, as usual. We discussed my post from yesterday about the North Dakota National Guard responding to accusations that one of their recruiters was behaving in a racist manner at basketball tournament. For those of you tuning in, a University of North Dakota instructor

On Television: Subsidizing Empty Airplanes And Campaign Dollars For Personal Use

Last night was my weekly appearance on Chris Berg’s 6:30 Point of View program on Valley News Live, and we covered some of the stuff I’ve been writing about here on the blog. Berg played my clip of a floor debate which took place last week over legislation, introduced by Rep. Ben Hanson (D-Fargo) which

On Television: Is There Anything Less Appealing Than Public Art?

I was on 6:30 Point of View last night with Chris Berg and NDGOP Executive Director Jason Flores. Our topic was the controversy surrounding Fargo City Commission member Melissa Sobolik’s decision not to recuse herself from the vote putting her new boss on the city’s new public art commission. Sobolik was the head of the