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Energy Drinks Marketed To Food Stamps Recipients In Fargo

Energy Drinks Marketed To Food Stamps Recipients In Fargo

A reader sends along the picture above, saying it was taken at the Stop-N-Go on South 25th Street in Fargo. The advertisement is for Rockstar Energy Drinks, and at the bottom it indicates that all of Rockstar’s drinks are eligible for EBT. EBT standing for Electronic Benefits Transfer. According to this definition, it “means that

UND Student Body President Attacked On Social Media For Vetoing Buffalo Feed Funding Request

The controversy over a University of North Daktoa sorority hanging a banner critical of the NCAA’s push to rid the university of the Fighting Sioux nickname isn’t the only imbroglio on that campus this week. Student Body President Nick Creamer came under fire on social media (see the #fundthefeed hashtag on Twitter) for vetoing a

In 2014 Americans Will Pay More For Taxes Than Food, Clothing And Shelter Combined

If you’re like me, you’ve procrastinated on your taxes and now you’ve got to rush and get them done by the deadline. I know I’m looking forward to a long, angry weekend of sorting receipts and filling out worksheets. So, to cheer us on our way, there’s this. The Tax Foundation has their annual Tax

Gay Couple Sues UK Church Over Refusal To Hold Gay Marriage

Another shot fired in the war for enforced conformity: DANBURY, U.K.–A wealthy gay couple has decided to launch a lawsuit to force their church to perform their wedding. The Drewitt-Barlows, a millionaire couple from the U.K, stated, “We’ve launched a challenge to the government’s decision to allow some religious groups to opt out of marrying same-sex

UND Sorority To Undergo Sensitivity Training After Referencing Fighting Sioux Logo Controversy In Banner

Yesterday I was bombarded by messages from readers sending me the text from an email UND President Robert Kelley had sent to the campus. It was regarding a sorority that had put up a banner to celebrate the UND hockey team competing in the NCAA Frozen Four and referencing the Fighting Sioux logo/nickname controversy. President

Minnesota Minimum Wage Hike Is "Another Reason To Relocate To North Dakota"

Minnesota’s minimum wage hike might be great for business…in North Dakota. That’s what Jon Godfread told me when I asked him about it for this Watchdog article: BISMARCK, N.D. — Minnesota lawmakers have agreed to a minimum wage increase that would require a pay hike for an estimated 350,000 residents. But how will the policy affect bordering

Say Anything Segment: Discussing Mozilla Intolerence, Higher Ed, And NDGOP Convention

Here’s something fun: Chris Berg has invited me to do a regular segment on his 6:30 Point of View television program which airs on Valley News Live in Fargo. He’s calling it the “Say Anything Segment,” which is pretty cool. I’ve done several segments with Chris in the past, and I always enjoy it. And