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Left-Wing Group Caught Paying Off Indian Leader To Oppose Canadian Oil Sands

Left-Wing Group Caught Paying Off Indian Leader To Oppose Canadian Oil Sands

Imagine if Exxon or a Koch Brothers-affiliated group had been caught paying off a public official, or a tribal leader, to support oil development. It would be a major scandal, whether it happened in America or Canada. But a left wing group like the Tides Foundation caught paying off a tribal leader who is also

Attorneys General Declare War On E-Cigarettes In The Name Of Tax Dollars

E-cigarettes aren’t healthy, but they’re one heck of a lot healthier than cigarettes. And, because they emit water vapor not smoke, in a lot of places (not, unfortunately, North Dakota) they can be used inside allowing people to enjoy doses of nicotine as though they were smoking a cigarette without having to be exiled outdoors.

Vermont Shortens Length Of Welfare Benefits, Sees Unemployment Numbers Drop

On the national level we’ve been having a debate about unemployment benefits. Democrats want to extended an expansion of unemployment benefits put in place along with other so-called “stimulus” policies. Republicans argue that these expanded benefits contribute to longer terms of unemployment while costing taxpayers too much money. Who is right? Vermont might hold a

“If everyone is supposedly under surveillance, then no one is”

Over the weekend Fox News commentator Brit Hume offered a unique defense of the NSA’s spying efforts, arguing that the mass collection of our private data really doesn’t violate our privacy because any one person’s information gets lost in the blizzard of data being collected. “This program really threatens no one unless it’s abused,” Hume

“The protections of the First Amendment do not turn on whether the defendant was a trained journalist”

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this week that a blogger shouldn’t be treated any differently from a traditional journalist in a defamation case. “The protections of the First Amendment do not turn on whether the defendant was a trained journalist, formally affiliated with traditional news entities, engaged in conflict-of-interest disclosure, went beyond just

Obama: NSA Will Keep Gathering All Your Communications, But Will Need Court To Approve Accessing It

President Obama is giving his big address to the nation on changes to the NSA’s data collection on American and international communications, and what he’s proposing doesn’t sound very comforting for those concerned with privacy: President Obama will call Friday for ending the National Security Agency’s ability to store phone data from millions of Americans.

Did Barack Obama Take A Page From The John Hoeven Economic Development Playbook?

For a lot of North Dakotans, hearing President Barack Obama talk about his new “promise zones” had to sound like deja vu. North Dakota has had something called Centers of Excellence, the brainchild of former governor and current US Senator John Hoeven, since 2005. I just wrote about that over at, but check out

UN Climate Official: Let’s Fight Global Warming With Communism

Good grief: United Nations climate chief Christiana Figueres said that democracy is a poor political system for fighting global warming. Communist China, she says, is the best model. China may be the world’s top emitter of carbon dioxide and struggling with major pollution problems of their own, but the country is “doing it right” when


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