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Obama Tells Supporters: Invade North Dakota

Obama Tells Supporters: Invade North Dakota

During a recent fundraising dinner – which cost the one percenters in attendance $32,400 per ticket – President Obama says he’s been asked what people can do to help support his agenda. His advice? Move to North Dakota. Obama described buying cheesecake at Junior’s Restaurant in Brooklyn in October while campaigning with Bill de Blasio

UND President Pounces On "Siouxper Drunk" Controversy To Distract From Other Problems

Earlier today University of North Dakota President Robert Kelley released the video above, along with incoming UND Student Body President Tanner Franklin, condemning yet again the “Siouxper Drunk” tshirt controversy and promising that he’s totally going to do stuff about it in the future. What kind of stuff is he going to do? Well, who

Fargo School District To Spend Taxpayer Dollars Fighting School Choice, Protecting Common Core

Over at Watchdog I have an article up today about the Fargo Public School District (yes, the people who threatened to lower education quality after voters shot down property tax levy measure) vowing to lobby against school choice legislation and to protect Common Core. I’ve written pretty extensively about how ugly the Common Core issue

Federal Court Ruling On "Disparaging" Trademarks Could Be Interesting For Fighting Sioux Logo/Nickname

A federal court has ruled that trademarks can’t disparage religious or ethnic groups. The case has major implications for the Washington Redskins franchise, which has drawn the ire of the perpetually outraged particularly of late, but there are also interesting implications for the Fighting Sioux nickname fight here in North Dakota. The NCAA has forced

UND Activists Want Mandatory Sensitivity Training For All Students After "Siouxper Drunk" Controversy

Earlier today I was on Scott Hennen’s statewide What’s On Your Mind radio program opposite Ruth Hopkins from Last Real Indians to discuss the “Siouxper Drunk” controversy at the University of North Dakota. It went about as you expected. Hopkins thinks anyone who supports the Fighting Sioux logo and nickname is a dirty, dirty racist

North Dakota State's Attorney: Human Trafficking Laws Have Complicated Prostitution Issue

Yesterday I wrote a post wondering if we could undermine the black market human trafficking trade by turning willing prostitution into legal commerce. The idea being that we could take away business from the thugs and criminals who traffic in sex slaves and turn it over to business people who operate out in the open

Raising The Minimum Wage Will Be Great For People Who Make Self Checkout Kiosks

The problem with people who promote economic policy such as increasing the minimum wage is they seem to think the labor markets won’t adjust to said policies. They think the government can wave its magic policy wand and low-skill workers will just make more without any side effects. Like higher prices for goods and services.

More Regulation Won't Fix A Flaring Problem That's Caused By Over Regulation

The federal Bureau of Land Management was in Dickinson this week holding a forum on flaring on the Forth Berthold Indian Reservation. It seems someone packed the room with people from outside of North Dakota – “About a hundred people, many from other states like Montana or Wyoming, filled a ballroom at the Ramada Grand