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Obama: It’s Illegal For Congress To Ask Me To Follow The Law

Obama: It’s Illegal For Congress To Ask Me To Follow The Law

There was never really a chance that President Barack Obama was going to sign a law like this, or that a Democrat-controlled Senate would even let it get that far. But the point was to force their hand on the issue, so that the public has the benefit of observing a president say that he

Legislator: We Should Hold Special Elections During Regular Elections

Last night the Fargo Public School District got a stinging defeat from voters in a special election which would have allowed the district to keep their property tax mill levy above the state-mandated cap. Since 2009 the state has bought down 125 mills worth of local school taxes. Last legislative session the state approved a permanent

Through March 1st North Dakota Has Had Just 5,238 Obamacare Exchange Enrollments

The latest Obamacare enrollment numbers through March 1st were released, and the numbers are pretty ugly. Not just nationally, where enrollments are hitting just 60 percent of the Obama administration’s target goals, but also in North Dakota where enrollments total the second fewest in the nation, just above Hawaii. Here’s North Dakota’s numbers from the

Could Rule 40 For GOP Into Brokered Convention In 2016?

A brokered political convention, one where there is no clear nominee heading into a political party’s national convention, is something political wonks like to talk about but which hasn’t been a reality for decades (Adlai Stevenson’s nomination by Democrats in 1952 was the last truly brokered convention). But North Dakota Republican National Committeeman Curly Haugland

Montana Official Says Power Brownouts Are A Concern In Bakken Region

Via Aaron Flint, Montana Public Service Commissioner Travis Kavulla, a Republican, says that government regulations hindering the expansion of power infrastructure could lead to brownouts in the Bakken region. He made the comments to Emilie Boyles for Marks Group Broadcasting based out of Glendive. Here’s an excerpt, full audio at the link: Kavulla:  Very soon, and even

Poll: George Sinner Trails Kevin Cramer By 20 Points In Potential Matchup

According to North Dakota Democrats, they’ll finally be announcing a US House candidate next week to take on Republican incumbent Rep. Kevin Cramer. Of course, we’ve heard this “next week” stuff before from Democrats before, so I guess we’ll see. The time for dithering is growing short, though. In order to have a candidate on


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