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Does Gun Ownership Make You More Likely to Die?

In ameta-analysis of 15 studies that aimed to measure the relationship between gun ownership and the risk of suicide or homicide published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers found a link between gun ownership and higher levels of death. “Over all, University of California at San Francisco epidemiologist Andrew Anglemyer and his two co-authors found, people with

Don’t Slow Down The Bakken Oil Boom, Grow With It

I was struck by these comments from Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity President Jason Stverak about concerns over North Dakota oil production overwhelming energy infrastructure. Many are blaming recent train derailments on the spike in oil-by-rail shipments, and are calling for oil production in the state to be slowed down. Stverak makes the

Is A Third Party Candidate Viable In North Dakota?

This morning I interviewed North Dakota Libertarian House candidate Jack Seaman, and our discussion took an interesting turn to the viability of third party candidates. Seaman told me he was hoping to exploit the fed-up feelings voters have for both Republicans and Democrats, but I questioned how fed-up voters really are. When most incumbents get


North Dakota Republican Director: Despite Decline In Party Fundraising, Party Will Be Ready For 2014

I had North Dakota Republican Party Executive Director Jason Flores on the radio this morning talking about 2014 races. Not surprisingly, he’s predicting a strong season for Republican candidates, but I asked him about the decline in party fundraising to date in the 2014 cycle as compared to 2012. As I’ve written about previously, Republicans

On Television: Hoping For MLK’s Color Blind Society

Last night Chris Berg invited me to participate in a round table discussion about race and the civil rights movement, which are good topics for Martin Luther King day obviously. Part one is above, you can watch part two here. It was an interesting discussion (I found some common ground with left-wing activist Cindy Gomez


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