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Doug Leier Column: Hunters Should Attend Deer Management Meetings

Doug Leier Column: Hunters Should Attend Deer Management Meetings

For the last decade or so, North Dakota has had around 100,000 active deer hunters, plus or minus a few thousand in any given year. All of us should be interested in the upcoming series of deer management meetings the North Dakota Game and Fish Department has scheduled around the state during the last two

Julie Fedorchak Column: We Don't Have To Choose Between Energy Development And Environmental Stewardship

A debate is occurring in our state about economic development versus environmental and cultural preservation. It’s a healthy discussion. However, like too many important policy issues today, the extreme positions dominate the discourse. Opponents of any and all fossil fuel development are motivated and organized to stop it, while forces against government interference fight any

Flynn Column: Number Employed In Williston Now Rivals Grand Forks

The big story for North Dakota is not just about oil in western North Dakota, it is about the adjustments to the underlying economic dynamics in the state. Consider the situation of labor markets in two North Dakota cities, Williston and Grand Forks. These data are for the Williston micropolitan area and the Grand Forks

Aaland Column: Diversion Alternative Puts Flood Protection Above Special Interests

Two weeks ago the Mndak Upstream Coalition detailed an alternative to Fargo’s diversion plan that would put Fargo first and deliver the same level of protection for the FM Metro without impacting upstream communities.  If the southern inlet to the FM Diversion is moved three miles north, all impacts to Richland and Wilkin Counties would

Glawe Column: Do North Dakota Leaders Share Blame For Homeless Man's Amputations?

Let me ask you something, not as North Dakotans, but as human beings: What is your reaction to the following headline? Man moves to North Dakota looking for work, ends up homeless and living in a dumpster If it’s that Wayne Williams, the subject of Lauren Donovan’s story in Tuesday’s Bismarck Tribune, should have planned

Nelson Column: Enjoy Your Property Tax Relief North Dakota, It Won't Last

Like a good magician, Cass County Auditor Mike Monplaisir’s recent editorial on North Dakota property tax is nothing but slight of hand. He hopes to distract readers from the real issue–that property taxes have been out of control for the last ten years and people are losing their homes because of it–by pointing out that