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Berg Column: What's That $mell? North Dakota's Money To Burn

Berg Column: What's That $mell? North Dakota's Money To Burn

Valley News Live – KVLY/KXJB – Fargo/Grand Forks TRANSCRIPT Good evening, I’m Chris Berg, thanks for joining us. Do you smell that? For the past few days everywhere I go in North Dakota, there is this weird smell. I am curiouis if any of you at home have noticed it too? Do me a favor,

Kingsbury Column: Train Derailment Brings Out Luddites In North Dakota

I assume Say Anything readers know who Luddites were. Even today every time some industry or area tries to move to the next level of industrialization we find out that not all the Luddites were captured or killed in their time. Today they have chosen North Dakota as their battleground. It has gotten so absurd

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Schmidt Column: Why I Opposed State Purchase Of Lawrence Welk Homestead

As a member of the State Historical Board, I am often tasked with reconciling the emotional side of our responsibilities with the financial components of a decision.  The purchase of the Lawrence Welk Homestead was another example of that reconciling process. History is emotional.  My Grandpa Jack’s purple heart and My Grandpa Clement’s railroad watch

Berg Column: Who Is Looking Out For The Little Guy In North Dakota?

Valley News Live – KVLY/KXJB – Fargo/Grand Forks TRANSCRIPT: Good evening, I’m Chris Berg, thanks for joining us. Tonight’s Point of View topic: Who is looking out for the little guy in North Dakota? Let me repeat tonight’s topic because I want you to take a moment right now and answer this question at home.

Kingsbury Column: My Version

When my last week’s column about higher ed was published I didn’t expect the responses it received. As with the responses to my other columns, some of them were good. Really good. Some of those who wrote must be closely involved with higher education as faculty or administrators, or at least serious students of the

Harms Column: We Should Be Able To Have A Thoughtful Discussion About Oil Safety

I’d like to clarify and elaborate on my personal comments on the oil industry that might encourage some thoughtful discussion in our state. Rob missed a couple of key facts related to my resume. I grew up in the oil industry. I’ve worked in it much of my life; have rough-necked, pipelined and lobbied for