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Francis Column: To Live Dr. King's Dream, We Have To Wake Up From The Nightmare

Francis Column: To Live Dr. King's Dream, We Have To Wake Up From The Nightmare

I’m black. I try to live by Martin Luther King’s principles, and I believe that it is no accident he was a God fearing man. Without Christ, man has no Soul and no lifeline to our lord’s grace. It has always puzzled me how we tend to cry out for our fallen heroes but lack

Streyle Column: Dalrymple Should Oppose "Special Places" Designations In Bakken Oil Patch

North Dakota has a lot of great things going for it; one of the best run states, low unemployment rate, thousands of open jobs, rising incomes, 2nd largest oil producing state, rising tax revenues and an increasing population. So, why would the North Dakota Industrial Commission even consider putting all this at risk? More specifically,

Kingsbury Column: Train Derailment Brings Out Luddites In North Dakota

I assume Say Anything readers know who Luddites were. Even today every time some industry or area tries to move to the next level of industrialization we find out that not all the Luddites were captured or killed in their time. Today they have chosen North Dakota as their battleground. It has gotten so absurd

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Schmidt Column: Why I Opposed State Purchase Of Lawrence Welk Homestead

As a member of the State Historical Board, I am often tasked with reconciling the emotional side of our responsibilities with the financial components of a decision.  The purchase of the Lawrence Welk Homestead was another example of that reconciling process. History is emotional.  My Grandpa Jack’s purple heart and My Grandpa Clement’s railroad watch

Berg Column: Who Is Looking Out For The Little Guy In North Dakota?

Valley News Live – KVLY/KXJB – Fargo/Grand Forks TRANSCRIPT: Good evening, I’m Chris Berg, thanks for joining us. Tonight’s Point of View topic: Who is looking out for the little guy in North Dakota? Let me repeat tonight’s topic because I want you to take a moment right now and answer this question at home.