Pro-Abortion Activists Call Governor Dalrymple “Inhumane” And “Fat Ass”

North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple

Yesterday I posted some of the oh-so-classy pictures from pro-abortion activists rallying around the state.

Today, upon news that Governor Jack Dalrymple signed three controversial pro-life bills, the pro-abortion movement erupted with childish anger.

Twitchy has a round up, here are some of my favorites:


For all the potty-mouthed tirades, gnashing-of-teeth and rending-of-garments it’s worth remembering that the bills Dalrymple signed into law had strong and bi-partisan support in the legislature.

The well-funded pro-abortion movement is very savvy at creating a lot of noise online, but the legislature was very much doing the will of the people here in North Dakota.

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